Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Traditionalist of the month: Alexander Gauland

There is a clear winner for traditionalist of the month. Alexander Gauland is the deputy leader of AfD in Germany (Alternative for Germany). On Germany television yesterday he stated clearly that open borders will have the negative effect of gradually replacing the existing German people. He spoke on the issue calmly and clearly.

My favourite part is when he states: "I want to keep this country as we have inherited it from our forefathers. And it should remain this way..."

You'll notice that a Professor Patzelt was brought in to respond to Alexander Gauland. Patzelt did not follow the narrative either. He agreed with Alexander Gauland that the existing German population would effectively be replaced through a process of ongoing immigration, but unlike Gauland, he supports this on the ground that Germans are not having enough children (which they aren't).

The interviewer is clearly perturbed by the fact that her subjects are talking about the German people being changed or replaced by immigration, but she is showing a lack of logic and foresight in shying away from recognising this. As much as I disagree with Professor Patzelt's support of open borders, at least he is willing to acknowledge the logical consequences of the policy.

Alexander Gauland
Hat tip: Traditional Britain Group


  1. Sadly, Professor Patzelt has a point. If the likes of the Germans and Italians opt to die out, what sort of case have the remnant to hold onto all that territory just for themselves?

    1. If they ones that are left are strong enough, they'll hold it. Certainly the invaders have no more right than the indigenous. Boers & Brits didn't take South Africa from the Bushmen because of their moral superiority, and they didn't lose it to the Bantu because of their moral inferiority. They were stronger than the Bushmen, and in the end they were weaker than the Bantu - in resolve, not in strength of arms.

  2. Sadly, Alexander Gauland is afraid of telling the truth. Yes, they'll be replaced and very soon.

    Will 20-35 German men be outnumbered by 20-35 non-German men by 2020?
    It's very well articulated by Black Pigeon Speaks: