Monday, June 13, 2016

Leftists blame Christians for Orlando

I know some gay people well enough to keep up with their political views. They obsessively attack white men whilst at the same time supporting Islamic immigration. It has never seemed prudent to me - why seek to deconstruct the people who let you be and replace them with people who are likely to attack you?

So I was interested to see what their response would be to the massacre of gays in Orlando Florida by a Muslim man. It took a few hours for the following to appear:

Instead of using reality to test his beliefs, he is simply doubling down on his belief system. He targets conservative Christians as the enemy, despite the shooter being a Muslim (and, it seems, a registered Democrat). He blames nationalism, despite the fact that it was an open borders internationalism that brought the shooter to Orlando. Finally, he claims that these attacks will continue to take place unless we go even further along the path of opening ourselves to those who wish us harm.

The left is not going to solve this, not even when reality slaps them hard in the face. They can be mugged by reality over and over and it will not change the grip that their political ideology has over them.


  1. Well, he's clearly Jewish for a start. And comes with all the anti-Christian and anti-White prejudices that go with that.

    His blindness is no blindness, but deliberate self-deception. Nothing will change that.

    1. It's not just a Jewish thing, though, is it? The homosexuals I know have an Anglo/Christian family background. Yet they are supporting the Hersh line that conservative Christians are to blame. These Australian Anglos are highly educated types, not easily led, and yet they are willing to ignore the clear reality of the situation.

    2. Mark you are completely wrong about this. This kind of behaviour is rampant among (((Jewish))) commentators. They're all over twitter struggling to control the narrative over this issue and shiv WASPs while they're at it. If you want to be serious about Western renewal you must also be serious about the permissive and malign influence of Jews. They hate us, and it shows.

    3. Anon, I have never said that there do not exist Jews who are against WASPs. My interest was in how Anglo homosexuals, who have campaigned for Islamic immigration, would react to a Muslim immigrant committing a massacre against them. The answer was clear cut. The Anglo homosexuals would continue to blame Christians/white men, regardless of the real threat to their own safety.

      Anon, there is currently a grand and growing coalition lined up against white men. The entire politics of the left is increasingly being directed against us. The good news is that there are signs that younger white men are starting to take notice and to become more politically aware.

    4. What you say is true Mark, as the homosexual leadership is almost entirely culturally marxist. However, how long will the homosexual 'infantry' tolerate being sacrificed for insane ideas that they do not really share? Suppressing Christians and 'Islamophobia' is going to see more dead homosexuals, most of whom only wish to be admired for their sodomy, not slaughtered for it by people they are supposed to consider allies.

    5. Michael, you might be right, but we don't seem to be anywhere near there yet. As an update on my lesbian acquaintances, they are still directing their fire at Christians, condemning people offering prayers as these are associated with the church. The mentality seems to be:
      1. We want to shakedown white men as these are the people with stuff we want. The things that Muslim men do overseas is not even on our radar.
      2. White men being the enemy, Muslim men are then allies. We must have more Muslim men and fewer white men.
      Might there be a shift amongst the rank and file? We'll see.

    6. Oh, the process will take time. More Muslim men entering civilisation will mean more dead homosexuals, more bars and other places where they congregate being burned down, more anti-homosexual comment in the media, even as that by Christians is ruthlessly suppressed. The homosexual rank and file may become quite disillusioned with their erstwhile leadership. Of course, it may be by then too late.

  2. How about Douglas Murray, Milo Yiannopoulos or David Rubin? My co-worker gay is a registered Republican and very conservative (who is even against gay pride parades as they distort the public's perception of gays).

    This guy is a crazy leftist, most of whom are white/cisgendered/straight (though probably there are more leftist females than males).

  3. The goal of the left here is to turn the attention of the gay rights movement (which has achieved the commanding heights of our 'culture') and turn it towards gun confiscation. The US is the only one of the Anglosphere 5 to have not proceeded to this step, and it is a major roadblock to the full triumph of leftism in the West.

    Don't discount the possibility of insurrection, guerillas held off the US Army in numerous Middle Eastern countries. The elites are aware of this, and they are willing to risk the chance of a public backlash against Islam to achieve their endgame.

    I don't feel that great about the right-liberal press orgs calling for gays to support the conservative campaigns for 'security'. I look at people like Milo and consider them more like Camile Paglia, a false friend.

    What we have is an example of the realities of a multicultural society, and anarcho-tyranny. If we held the power, we should establish a paternalistic control of the different segments of society, as is done in Russia and Singapore.

  4. This is why I'm dismayed by the deluded beliefs of some people on the right that this is an opportunity to forge an alliance with homosexuals against Islam. This idea is utter madness. Homosexuals and feminists are the two groups that we can never ever trust as potential allies, not even as short-term tactical allies. They are groups absolutely dedicated to the destruction of our civilisation. And homosexuals and feminists have done far more harm to our civilisation than Muslims.