Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Frenchman thanks the English

There's an interesting post up at Gallia Watch. A French businessman and Paris councillor, Charles Beigbeder, has praised the Brexit result. Here is an abridged version of what he had to say (he begins by serving it up to the EU elite):
Cursed be the promoters of undifferentiated cultures and standardization of life styles. They will be forced to accept the praise of uniqueness that leads a people to refuse being blended into an amorphous mass in which it will feel the loss of its identity to the benefit of a multiculturalist destroyer;

Cursed be the believers in the progress of history, for whom European nations will sooner or later be led to dissolve into an ever more vast melting pot, mixing together peoples and cultures. At last they will understand that the economy cannot be the primary foundation of social ties, and that if there exists a European identity, there is not, as of today, a European nation or people;

Cursed be the no-borders ideologues who wish to knock down the borders of nation-States. They will learn that in times of migratory turbulence such as the one Europe is currently experiencing, it is better for a sovereign State to control its borders, lest the country become a sieve;

And blessed today are Her Majesty's subjects, who have given to all of Europe a tremendous lesson in democracy…This proud and subtle people, rooted in its traditions and enamored of freedom, has not finished surprising us.

Englishmen, thank you!

Charles Beigbeder

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