Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Terry McCrann on Brexit

Terry McCrann is a leading business commentator here in Australia, with a regular column for the mass circulation Herald Sun. In today's column (hidden behind a paywall), he gives his view on the referendum in Britain on leaving the EU.

In short, he believes that Britain should leave. Why? First, he thinks that Britain is better off without the expensive Brussels gravy train:
Goodness, gracious me, if enough countries decide to walk away from paying out the billions to tens of thousands of Brussels bureacrats, who knows where that might end? Who knows which teat might run dry next?

He then looks at the claim that Brexit will cause the markets to fall. It is his opinion that unless people deliberately talk themselves into scaring the markets, a market fall following Brexit needn't happen, and even if the scare tactics do have this effect, it will be short lived and the markets will bounce back.

He believes that Brexit will ultimately be good for the British economy, by liberating it:
That opportunity would be leveraged by the fact that exiting Europe would in substance be hugely beneficial economically and financially for the UK and especially England - freed from the oppressive overlay of not just bureaucratic Brussels, but the extortion racket that the Euro is for Germany.

Finally, Terry McCrann believes that the economic arguments are not the only reason for favouring Brexit:
The bigger point is not financial. It is the fundamental one of national and individual sovereignty - to have your individual and shared destinies decided by yourselves under law, not by foreign unelected bureaucrats and foreign governments elected by others and in some cases, by themselves.

...Here's a final point...It is or should be blindingly clear that exiting the EU is the only way the UK is going to regain control of its borders - to determine who and how many come to it not only from outside Europe but inside Europe as well...

...the British have to seize back their sovereignty from the people smugglers in Brussels and Berlin.

(Terry McCrann, "Brexit also fries brains", Herald Sun, June 21 2016)

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