Monday, July 04, 2011

Two stabbings

In today's Herald Sun there are reports of two stabbings that took place in Melbourne over the weekend. In one incident a group of friends walking home from a party in Mooroolbark noticed they were being followed by two men of Pacific Island appearance. One of the Islander men stabbed an 18-year-old girl three times with a knife. In another incident a group of Asian teenagers egged a house in Lalor. The parents jumped into a car to pursue the youths and caught up with them. The father went after the group, leaving his wife in the car. When he returned he found his wife fatally stabbed.

I've reported the incidents because so often white Australians are portrayed as the perpetrators of violence against non-whites. That's the script that left-liberals like to go with when thinking about race relations. But here we have two women stabbed in Melbourne and, according to early newspaper reports, the perpetrators in both cases are of non-European descent.


  1. This is why public executions need to be brought back. If those guilty of murdering the woman were seen twitching at the end of a rope, then worthless scum of a similarly base cowardly character would quite probably find a way to restrain themselves.

  2. I'm inclinded to agree with anonymous. Restricted tv in prison might not be enough of a deterrent for truly senseless crimes.