Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Radical quotas

How's this for an affirmative action proposal. Tanja Bergqvist at her Swedish site has linked to a newspaper story from 2007 in which Zoran Alagic and Kurdo Baksi put forward a radical new "equality" proposal.

Who are these two men? I don't know much about Baksi except that he has been involved in a Swedish multicultural magazine called Black-White. But Alagic is well and truly a member of the political class in Sweden. He was a member of the Swedish PM's press staff and then became the press officer for the Swedish Teachers' Association.

These two men made this proposal:

We need to bring about a change in economic structures of power and break the male monopoly. A quota may be the solution. It is possibly not enough of a law on quotas by gender - we should also see action to really broaden recruitment to the business community on a broad front. We therefore propose a moratorium in Swedish industry:

The next five years, all white, tall, heterosexual, blond and blue-eyed men between 40 and 50 years be set at the bottom of the employment hierarchy, in the university corridors, the newspaper editors and the Boards of Directors.

The rest - women, homosexuals, disabled, immigrants, and 55 or older - a priority for at least five years.

So they not only want gender quotas, they also want a quota based on race, height, sexuality, hair colour, eye colour and age.

It seems that "equality" knows no limits.


  1. Baksi is more established than Alagic, at least in terms of public profile. He's a celebrated author and "intellectual" on the left and pretty much universally loathed by everyone else.

    I don't think he's as much feminist as a self-promoter and rabidly anti-white/christian/swede. He'll take any position that further diminishes actual Swedes influence in their own country or gains him any attention or influence at all.

    He's fairly typical for the non-true believer kind of multi-cultural warrior. Immoral opportunists who loathe the successes of their host societies.

  2. Just several years agou I would have thought it is a joke. But now I am afraid it could be, actually, applied.
    Another interesting part, that accoring to their names, they both are immigrants. I would tip Zoran as a (former) Yugoslavian, probably Bosnian with muslim roots. Baksi seems Turkish.
    If I was paranoid I would think it is a subversion. But who knows.

  3. "Equality as a Political Weapon" by Samuel Francis:

    ...The argument is that "Western", heterosexual, and Caucasian institutions and beliefs are corruptive, repressive, and exploitative
    encrustations of a hegemonic environment that, when scraped away by egalitarian social (and now psychic) engineering, will yield the same kind of egalitarian utopia the Progressives envisioned. Only the specific targets have changed, and indeed the targets have always changed throughout the history of the Left, as each new utopia turns out to be fake. In the Enlightenment and in much of classical liberalism, the target was the state--the established churches, aristocracies, guilds, and dynasties of the eighteenth century. When liberation from these political "chains" failed to bring about the promised land, the target became the economy--private property, classical economics, and the distribution of wealth--and it was mainly an economic target that the Progressives had in their sights. In the twentieth centruy, the target shifted yet again to social and cultural environment--the family, the school, religion, social class, and race as a social phenomenon. Eventually, we can predict, egalitarians will discover--and indeed are now discovering--that nature itself is the source of inequality...

    But it won't make any difference. Whether egalitarians, recognizing at last that inequality is ultimately rooted in man's nature, accept that lesson, or whether, through genetic engineering and state-funded lobotomies, they launch yet another revolt against inequality and against nature itself will depend less on who and how many really believe in the egalitarian lie than on who stands to gain from wielding the egalitarian sword.

  4. He's fairly typical for the non-true believer kind of multi-cultural warrior. Immoral opportunists who loathe the successes of their host societies.

    Interesting observation.

  5. John from Sweden, I know it's off topic, but I can't help asking. Is life in Sweden really as bad as we hear? I mean family life. Is traditional family dead? Do you have any housewives in Sweden? Scandinavian men I meet who come to our country on vacation look quite normal, I can't believe they are all such wimps as those news stories imply.