Friday, July 01, 2011

Swedish Egalia Kindergarten mocked on Australian TV

A comedienne on the 7pm Project mocks the Egalia Kindergarten in Sweden:


  1. Liberalism means the death of concepts like Father, Mother, Child, He and She. We need more instances like this. We need less "unprincipled" exceptions and "conservative slowing down of liberalism" and more "pure liberalism". I know this would mean catastrophic consequences but its better to let things unravel themselves for only then will people finally understand the basic goals and beliefs of liberalism and turn away from it.

  2. I also believe that traditional conservatives should stop defending legal marriages and instead turn to defending marriages inside a traditional conservative Church with a ceremony. If you read the laws and beliefs guarding modern legal marriages then you will understand.

  3. Aussie mainstream lefties are not quite as insane as Swedish ones yet.

    Thank God.