Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Good speech for Reims anniversary

Reims Cathedral in France, where the Kings of France were crowned, is celebrating its 800th anniversary. As Tiberge reports at Gallia Watch, Prince Louis de Bourbon made a speech to mark the occasion. His speech is, in part, a defence of the role of royalty, which readers may or may not agree with, but cast in very positive traditionalist language that is rare to hear today at an official event.

I like to report good news stories when I can and this is so for two reasons: first, there is the great achievement of Reims Cathedral to celebrate and second we have an example of a prominent man who is able to speak eloquently in traditionalist terms.

I won't reproduce the speech here as it is available, with the latest news from France, at Gallia Watch.

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  1. The Monarchy is the backbone of the class system on which traditional societies are based and the Monarch can focus on the long term goals for the country in a way that the elected politicians, focused on the next election cannot.