Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A terrible idea from the Greens

The Gillard Labor Government now relies on support from the Australian Greens to hold power. That's a concern given some of the policy ideas being floated by Greens leader Bob Brown. It has been reported, for instance, that he proposed at the National Press Club the formation of "a global people's assembly based on one person, one vote, one value... a global Parliament."

It's difficult to think of any idea that would be more at odds with the interests of ordinary Australians. Australia would have 0.3% of the delegates at Bob Brown's global Parliament. We would be at the mercy of the peoples of other nations.


  1. We would be at the mercy of the peoples of other nations.

    That's exactly what he wants.

  2. They also announced an inquiry into whether newspapers should be licenced and opinion columnists vetted for fairness.

    C. Milne re-announced this on Q&A the other night. The left leaning audience broke out into enthusiastic applause.

    I am increasingly of the view that this almost Stalin like applause will be the death knell of the west.

  3. Haha!!!

    You'd be at the mercy of Mugabe and those types of people!


    After all the struggles of Europe...how on earth did these white people forget so easily?

  4. Progressives have long been enamoured with a number of ideals which if taken to their logical extreme would result in a unified, global, democracy. These include democracy itself, individualism, and universalism. The concept of progress itself could be described as a view of history, moving ever closer to the fulfillment of the borderless, one-person, one-vote, global mass democracy. If that goal is ever fulfilled it will be absolutely horrible for everyone who has to live under it.

  5. The motivation behind Brown's logic is simple: he wants a global carbon taxation scheme. What most on his side of the political spectrum fail to realise is that all this Carbon Tax will do is push jobs and industry overseas. Carbon emission will remain unchanged (potentially worse given the use of inferior technology in developing nations) yet our economy will suffer.

    A Global State would be able to tax and regulate all, leaving businesses with nowhere to run.

    The sad truth is that Brown and the Greens are holding the Australian people to ransom despite the face there will be no net gain to the environment.

  6. OT

    From Mel Phillips, very interesting to see her idea of liberalism as something beyond left and right.


    ""Because the left believes it embodies virtue -- on account of its desire to perfect the world – anyone who dissents or opposes it is evil. Because it is Manichean, all who are not left-wing are right-wing (even if they are in fact liberal). So all who oppose the left are evil right-wingers who must be destroyed. That to leftists is a moral project.""

  7. Bob Brown in "Wouldn't It Be Loverly" mode again. Typical pie in the sky idealism. Doubt he's ever contemplated the mechanics involved in his silly notions.

  8. The Australian Greens are extremists. Their deranged, far-left policies on gay marriage, abortion, euthanasia, and asylum seekers (asylum shoppers) are truly alarming.

  9. Anonymous is correct. The Greens masquerade as harmless lovable tree-huggers but they have a terrifying social agenda.

    They've also supported the idea of allowing 16-year-olds to vote.