Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Grown ups make a guess?

This is from a book being used at American kindergartens:

The text reads: When babies are born people ask "Is it a boy or a girl?"

The next page:

The idea here is that our bodies don't tell us whether we are male or female; our sex is something now cut off from our physical self, they are two different things. At best you can make a guess whether someone is male or female from looking at their body.

If we were to accept this, then the body would no longer hold the same depth of meaning as it does now. If a man looks at his body, at how he is built physically, he can read there some of his telos - of what he is supposed to develop toward in his whole person.

There is a French group, Vigi Gender, which seeks to uphold the more traditional view about our bodies being sexed. In their manifesto they write:

Become what you are

We are born male or female. Our whole being is gendered in its physical, psychological and spiritual dimension. Male and female cells are different: all male cells are XY and all cells of the woman XX. Sex hormones of men and women are different: testosterone in men; in women, estrogen, the hormone of femininity and progesterone, the hormone of motherhood...

Man is an incarnate being endowed with a mind capable of reason and will. Our body is a source of meaning; it expresses the person, "my body is me." To deny the body, to deny the influence of the sexed body on behaviour, interests, psychology, skills, not only contradicts numerous scientific studies, but is to deny that the human person is an embodied being and to make of it a pure spirit, a being which only defines itself.

We are born male or female and all our life we fulfil ourselves as man or woman, we become what we are in completing what we received at birth (nature), and by what we receive throughout our lives through culture (relationship to the father and the mother, education, history, language, customs ...)

If what we received from the culture was completely separated from our bodies, we would not be united, as we would be torn between the meaning carried by our body, and what we received

The next page of the kindergarten book has this:

This is the page that fits most readily into the beliefs of liberal modernity. It suggests that I am truly myself when I am no particular ready made sexual category. Being "just me" means being both a girl and a boy, or neither, or perhaps one of countless boutique sexes, making me a uniquely sexed creature.

Liberalism tends to see our sex negatively as a potential fetter on our autonomous self. Being born either male or female is something predetermined, and therefore potentially limiting to the liberal, autonomous self. These categories therefore have to be made not to matter.

And so the kindergarten book sets "being me" against being either male or female. The two things are set apart rather than being interwoven. The book also promotes the idea that there are any number of possible sexual identities, making this aspect of the self more amenable to a liberal "self-expressive individualism".

Pope Benedict (as Cardinal Ratzinger in 1997) observed this larger trend within liberal modernity, describing it this way:
The idea that 'nature' has something to say is no longer admissible; man is to have the liberty to remodel himself at will. He is to be free from all of the prior givens of his essence. He makes of himself what he wants, and only in this way is he really 'free and liberated'. Behind this approach is a rebellion on man's part against the limits that he has as a biological being. In the end, it is a revolt against our creatureliness. Man is to be his own creator - a modern, new edition of the immemorial attempt to be God, to be like God.

It is not a step up in our dignity as humans to be denatured in this way. The liberal understanding is that I am "just me" either as a desexed personality or as a uniquely sexed one. And so there is no essence that exists as part of the created order that I share in and that gives substance and signficance to who I am and that gives a coherent unity that integrates - gives integrity to -  mind, body and soul.

Our limits as a biological being are also how we are concretely "natured". It is within this given, created nature that the deeper aspects of our self are to be experienced, not within what we make up ourselves as an "expressive choice".

In other words, we will find more, and be more, if we fully develop the masculine essence given to us as men, than if we assert, as an act of choice, our independence from this, either as a desexed personality or as a personality with a self-created sex, one that fails to connect our physical being and sexual being, body and mind.

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  1. This attitude is fundamentally a step away from truth: the correspondence of belief with reality.

    But furthermore, and in all seriousness, if its not clear whether its male or female, why is it even clear yet that its human??

    Why make that projection or decision? In many primitive cultures the child is NOT considered human until the mother or family decide to call if so.

    And why stop there???

    (Hint: Those with this liberal (Satanic) agenda won't. There are no boundaries. That's the point.)

  2. I wouldn't call it literally Satanic. This evil has no name or end.

    1. This is laughable. In the second sentence "Vigi Gender" contradicts the essence of their existence, as they do in their own name. Vigi Gender is like a alcoholic leading an AA meeting who pulls out a flask and takes a long pull while he gathers his thoughts. He goes on to tell another of his always entertaining and persuasive drunk stories. The regulars in the meeting always love him. Who would want to drink after hearing that?

      This is mind boggling. The good ship "gender" has long since sailed. Even so-called conservatives have flipped over in its gentle wake.

      As I said many times, and surely here in these pages, CONSENT - going forward - will be the next challenge that we will not meet.

      We have an fatal defect.

      I've said before that anyone will be able to claim that they did not consent to being born either sex, and certainly not to any of the universally accepted "gender" identifications, since human "gender" is so obviously real and fully embraced. Who doesn't talk about "gender"?

      The concept of human "gender" has been accepted, adopted and approved by almost everyone, including here at OZ, where one might have hoped it would have hit a wall. Almost everyone uses "gender" in the same way that this cognitively dissonant French group does.

      How in Hell can you repeatedly talk about unicorns, form an actual organization named Vigi Unicorns, then publish your own manifesto in which you claim that unicorns do not exist, while you don't.

      Writing right out of the gate, Vigi Unicorn begins their manifest with the image of a galloping unicorn flying across the sky; "Our whole being is gendered in its physical, psychological and spiritual dimension."

      My God. Can God move an immovable object? Can a man turn ordinary wafer and wine into the living flesh and blood of Jesus Christ? Is that a symbolic ritual, or a real act of God?

      If males are transubstantiating into females, and we're all going to accept and discuss human "gender" as if it actually exists, then why the pretense of angst? Let's just let it go. We're halfway there now. Who's going to turn us back?

      The unicorn has left the barn and there's no way that we or a group named Vigi Unicorn will ever bring "they" back.

      Keep "gender" alive! Just say It!