Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My suburb to become more "vibrant" - and who is responsible?

We have seen how Muslim refugees have been brought en masse into Sweden and Germany and then put into various kinds of social housing in local communities.

Well, it's happening now in my own suburb here in Melbourne, though on a smaller scale.

I live in the suburb of Eltham on the fringes of Melbourne. It's a pleasantly green, family-oriented place to live and the demographics haven't changed much over the years - according to the 2011 census those from Italy (5%) are the only major non-Anglo ethnic group.

But that is soon to change with an influx of Muslims from Syria and Iraq. How has this come about?

Well, the first person responsible is the supposedly "conservative" politician Tony Abbott, who decided as PM to resettle 12,000 refugees from the Middle-East in Australia (admittedly smaller numbers than Germany and Sweden).

The second institution responsible is, predictably, the Catholic Church, which has decided that "social justice" means helping to Islamify Australia.

There is a large aged care facility in Eltham which was run until recently by a group called Melbourne City Mission. Last year it was taken over by St Vincent's Care Services:
Melbourne City Mission Chief Executive, Rev Ric Holland, said the sale announcement was a fantastic outcome for Eltham’s residents and their families, as well as the centre’s staff and volunteers, and it will be business as usual for operations.

That wasn't true. St Vincent's Care Services is committed to a vision of social justice which is no longer focused on helping the local elderly:
Our focus is on addressing the health care needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people experiencing chronic homelessness and people living in the community seeking asylum.

So the mission is to help asylum seekers. What this means is that St Vincent's is going to start leasing places at the facility to young Iraqis and Syrians, then allow them to buy them cheaply, alongside the elderly residents still living there.

The local paper ran a story on this highlighting the worry for the elderly residents:
Retirement village residents fear being victimised if they speak out against plans allowing Syrian and Iraqi refugees to lease units in the same centre they call home.

...a person living inside the village...said that residents were not consulted about the proposal. "It was either like it or lump it," the resident said.

"We were told it was going to enliven the community and become a more vibrant and dynamic place, but this is a retirement centre."

...The relative of another village resident, who also did not want to be named, pleaded...for the application to be refused. "The residents are feeling very scared and unsafe," the letter read.

So elderly people in a retirement village are being told that they are going to live in a more "vibrant" place with the arrival of young Muslim refugees.

What is to be said about all this? I can only point again to the fact that the Liberal Party is more correctly described as a right-liberal party rather than a genuinely conservative one. Tony Abbott, who is often portrayed in the media as a right-wing politician, implemented policies that are radically liberal in nature rather than conservative. And the Catholic Church seems to have joined in the great liberal death wish - it is hell-bent on a future Islamic Australia rather than a Christian one.

As for those who wish to help asylum seekers, it is a very odd thing to take people from Iraq and drop them half-way around the world into an aged care facility in an outer suburb of Melbourne. If they really do need help, rather than wanting welfare and Western women, then they should be supported to resettle somewhere in their own region, where living standards and culture are similar to their own country.


  1. You could be talking about my suburb in New Zealand. What I find unbelievable is that if there was a plan to build a new shopping centre or housing subdivision here, we would have years of consultation and debate, even if the effects on the community were minor. But a radical transformation by implanting Muslim colonists is forced upon us without notice and we are told it's for our own good. And God help anyone who publicly speaks out. And, yes, our local archbishop is driving much of this.

    1. Sorry to hear it. It's happening most places it seems, forced without consultation from the top down.

    2. Which area is that, Matthew? I know we haven't received many yet, but they sure are costing a packet already.

  2. Maybe, just like Europe, things will have to get very very hot?

    1. It will have to get a bit hotter yet, I think. There is a dynamic in which the emptying out of culture leaves young people in particular vulnerable to having nothing really to stand for and so they turn to virtue signalling to give themselves a sense of moral identity. I am noticing this more and more amongst younger Australians, particularly young women. They sometimes don't really know what they are saying, they are looking for validation. The counter-current exists, but it has to grow stronger before it has an effect on popular consciousness.

  3. Do such 'archbishops' believe in their faith at all? I very much doubt it. Their primary concern is with currying favour with the liberal establishment on the terms of the latter simply because they are actually embarrassed with the tenets of their Catholic faith which happen to be completely out of step with modernity. However, if they have a business at all, it is in what passes as morality and charity nowadays, so they embrace the liberal kind for the benefit of their social standing. They are really atheists.

    1. Their primary concern is with currying favour with the liberal establishment on the terms of the latter

      I think that's part of it. The overarching mistake was to think that they could exist as an entity within the liberal frame, not realising that the liberal frame would require the abandonment of substantive positions. The Church now seems to mostly pursue that which does fit within the liberal frame (an aggressive open borders interpretation of charity). Maybe too it's a human nature thing: of bishops and cardinals wanting to fit in with the establishment and be seen as good and loyal members of it, even if this means signing on to the dissolution of the Western tradition, including the Christian aspect of it. Maybe they are worried that if they appear too "anti" they might lose funding for Catholic schools. Or maybe it is that the liberal personalities within the Church have finally gained a firm ascendancy over those with a more traditionalist outlook.

      What strikes me the most, though, is that there is no prudence in the Church now. It is like observing ideologues who put a simplistic principle over an intelligent attempt to create a workable order out of a complex reality. They will follow the principle all the way even if it means dissolving their own existence.

      My apologies if this sounds harsh to my Catholic readers, but I don't see how it can be denied. If we were to get on board with Pope Francis, it would mean embracing, as a sign of our virtue, an open borders understanding with the Muslim world, which would then inevitably over time lead to a Muslim West rather than a Christian one.

      No one can possibly claim that this represents the Catholic tradition. It is a break from the tradition and it clearly lacks prudence.

    2. I am a Catholic. I am not at all offended by your comments. I am bound to accept the Pope's authority in all magisterial pronouncements regarding Faith and Morals. In this regard, although he has been ambiguous in some details, he has not been heretical. It is almost a relief to hear him pronouncing upon political matters as these are regarded as merely prudential according to Church teaching and the Pope has no more authority than any other private citizen in such matters. I pay little heed to what he says in either the political or environmental realms.

      Like all in religion who accept the poisoned chalice that is liberalism, these will either disappear through natural wastage-most liberal Catholic clergy and nuns are older-or fall away from Catholicism altogether, for want of a congregation if nothing else. Younger priests and nuns seem to be more orthodox and this is a tendency that seems to be growing. Anyone with a vocation for the priesthood nowadays is more likely a fairly serious Catholic. Seminaries are less radical now than in the seventies and eighties and those that remained so, such as Maynooth, are being exposed.

      It may be that those Catholics who remain orthodox, and there will be quite a few, will face persecution. Heretofore, homosexuality has been the weapon used most effectively to do damage, but the advanced legions of liberalism, as exemplified by the Clinton campaign, seem to be contemptuously dropping this group for the more numerous Muslims.

      In the longer term, Catholics and other Christians may win this demographic battle for supremacy. Liberal secularists are aborting and contracepting themselves to extinction while Islamic demographic expansion is past its apogee. Sub-Saharan Africa is the fastest growing population in the world and it has and is overwhelmingly leaning towards a very orthodox type of Christianity, whether Catholic or Protestant, to say nothing of the massive, if largely hidden, expansion within Communist China.

      Neither Catholicism specifically, nor Christianity in general, is quite dead yet. Western Civilisation is on life-support, though.

    3. They are really atheists.

      It's much worse than that. They're atheists who pretend to be Catholics so that they can hang on to their nice well-paid cushy jobs and the influence that comes with those jobs. They are liars, hypocrites and frauds.

      The sooner the mainstream Christian churches die the better. They're globalist SJW organisations and they are enemies of civilisation. If they died there might be a chance for real Christianity to be reborn.

    4. Michael, agreed that Christianity has a future in certain parts of the world. I hope that you're right about the younger clergy. I haven't seen evidence of this yet in parishes here in Melbourne, though - the church is still old and liberal here though something like a traditional Catholicism exists in certain pockets.

      I have restrained myself from criticising the church to now, as I admire the tradition so much, but it's reached a point that it's difficult not to speak openly about what is happening.

      I agree with both you and dfordoom that it is possible that some of the senior clergy are, in fact, non-believers. That is one credible explanation for their failure to be protective of the church in Western countries. Dfordoom puts it very bluntly when he says that they are "globalist SJW organisations and they are enemies of civilisation" but that is how, in practice, they are acting.

      It makes me wonder what might happen to the church in the West. Look to a revival elsewhere in the world to restore leadership? Survive in an alternative format (e.g. the Latin rite groups)?

    5. In the longer term, Catholics and other Christians may win this demographic battle for supremacy. Liberal secularists are aborting and contracepting themselves to extinction

      What you have to remember is that liberal secularists don't need to have children of their own. We live in a society where all children pretty much belong to the government. Once your child enters the school system or gains access to the internet or a mobile phone you've lost that child. He will be turned into a reliable little liberal secularist.

      And don't think you can escape that fate by homeschooling. That option will be made more and more difficult and subject to more and more regulation and will eventually be effectively banned.

      Needless to say sending a child to a church school is completely futile. My sister-in-law's kids go to a Catholic school. It's completely globalist and SJW.

    6. It makes me wonder what might happen to the church in the West.

      I think genuine Christianity may survive for a while but it will become a tiny minority religion. Maybe one percent of the population at most. And of course incredibly vulnerable to persecution. It will have to exist as an underground Church.

      I fear that the persecution may well be led by the mainstream churches. Failure to conform to SJW doctrines will be regarded as heresy. Failure to embrace homosexuality and the whole LGBT agenda will be heresy.

      If true Christians are forced underground then eventually they will die out. The reason they won't survive long-term is children - the state is not going to allow genuine Christians to keep their children.

      The mainstream churches will become openly atheist. That's already happening in the Anglican Church.

    7. It appears that most of the clerics and associate intelligentsia have decided to become collaborators with the invasion, rather than commit the secular sin of "racism". When it comes to resisting any form of social liberalism, they have fallen short. The leftists continue to call them "out of touch", and the clerics behave according to battered wife syndrome.

      I cannot grasp where eager submission to foreign invasion is mandated by the Scripture and Tradition. I do recall warnings in the Old Testament that foreign rule was a punishment for disobedience.

      I want ethnic continuity and the spread of our providence.

    8. Once your child enters the school system or gains access to the internet or a mobile phone you've lost that child. He will be turned into a reliable little liberal secularist.

      That's a good point. I've noticed this already with my 12-year-old son. He's learnt to use Buzzfeed to get news and it is already shaping what he thinks. I'm going to have to start deliberately "counter-doctrinating" him.

    9. You can't do much worse than Buzzfeed as a "news" source for a 12 yr old...

    10. He's learnt to use Buzzfeed to get news and it is already shaping what he thinks. I'm going to have to start deliberately "counter-doctrinating" him.

      If you want to save your children - take away their mobile phones and their internet access. Seriously.

  4. The LIberal Party is best described as a globalist party. Any liberal beliefs they might have once held have been long since abandoned. They have embraced the globalist program in its entirety - free trade, open borders and identity politics. The Liberal Party needs to be burnt to the ground.

    The Labor Party is of course pretty much identical. We do not have a two-party system. We have a one-party system.

    Anyone who opposes globalism and all the evils it entails cannot vote for either of the major parties. Fortunately we now have alternatives. They may not be perfect but just about any of the minor parties is preferable to the Labor-Liberal uniparty.

  5. Tomorrow there is a community meeting in Merimbula (Bega Valley, NSW) to discuss the refugees settling in our rural area. It's being run by a local protestant church, and a government official and an Iranian refugee will be there to "answer concerns". The vast majority of residents are against resettlement of refugees here citing the chronic shortage of housing and the almost non-existent jobs. Bega is the main town in this very quiet and rural area and has a population of only 6,000 people. The crime rate is very low, most people are conservative and there are no permanent police stationed here anymore. I don't know what the refugees would have to do here except sit around on the dole and be ostracised by most of the residents. There is nothing here for them. Yet, I believe that they will be brought here whether we want them or not.

    1. Well, that's really sad to hear. It makes me wonder if Muslim refugees are being used to "break up" non-diverse areas.

    2. That seems to be the pattern in Europe.

    3. You've got to ask what the point is. Why drop thousands of people on a small rural area where there are no links, no jobs and nothing to do.
      They'll sit around on the sole or set up businesses that only support their original way of life.
      They'll then complain that someone should pay for them to have a mosque.
      How about bringing over Coptic Christians first? At least they've got a similar strain of religion. They're also being persecuted far more than these Muslim 'refugees'.

  6. There is a facebook group that is very active and are trying to stop this..The group is called Refugees should not be housed in age care facility..They also have a petition going..Please check it out.