Monday, August 01, 2016

Melbourne Traditionalists meeting a success

Have just got back from tonight's meeting of the Melbourne Traditionalists. It was a very enjoyable get together, with some great discussion of recent events and future directions. I'd like to give some credit to Mark Moncrieff of Upon Hope who organised the event. My wish would be that such meetings could be reproduced in suburbs and towns across Australia - when you participate you get the feeling that traditionalists should not be isolated, or connected only electronically, but should form the kind of connections that arise from meeting together. Thank you to all who participated!


  1. Hi Mark, I am curious. Do you get many Christians attending Traditionalist meetings, or more generally, Christians actively engaging with Traditionalist Conservatism?

    I have

    1. About half the people who attend the meetings are seriously engaged with a church, which is a higher figure than amongst the general population. Similarly, a relatively high percentage of readers who comment here have a clear church affiliation, though I haven't ever done any kind of survey.

  2. Thanks. It is at least a model of what can be done as a "next step". Hopefully, we'll grow some more over the course of this year.