Saturday, December 14, 2013

What colour ribbon do you wear for this?

I browsed the news this morning and found two news items relating to domestic violence.

In the first incident, an American woman pushed her husband off a cliff eight days after their wedding because she was having second thoughts. In the second, an Englishwoman tried to hire someone to kill her husband after he found out about her various affairs.

This kind of domestic violence happens and is reported in the newspapers but it simply doesn't exist when it comes to campaigns against family violence. In these campaigns, such as the White Ribbon campaign, it is always assumed that men are the perpetrators and women the victims.

Such is the strength of the "male oppressor/female victim" narrative in our times.


  1. "Such is the strength of the "male oppressor/female victim" narrative in our times."

    All the money is on one side.

    Who funds the left? Every dead conservative, including Henry Ford, and...

    * Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, one of Washington’s most powerful lobbyists.
    * American Iron and Steel Institute
    * America’s Health Insurance Plans, or AHIP
    * Apple Inc.
    * AT&T
    * Bank of America
    * Blackstone, one of the largest multinational private equity firms
    * Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
    * Citigroup
    * The Coca-Cola Company
    * Comcast NBCUniversal
    * CVS Caremark Inc.
    * Eli Lilly and Company
    * Facebook
    * GE
    * Goldman Sachs
    * Google
    * Japan Bank for International Cooperation
    * Microsoft Corporation
    * Northrop Grumman, defense contractor
    * PepsiCo
    * Samsung
    * Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States
    * Time Warner Inc.
    * Walmart
    * Wells Fargo


    Who funds the right, particularly the radical right, which would be the only match for the radical left? Nobody. The radical right path leads only to a trailer park. Idealistic talents are burned off in part by the sheer impossibility of raising a family.

    Why does it work that way? One reason is that leftists intentionally infiltrate, take over and purge rightists from any and all organizations.

    While the radical right (which, starved of finding and support, is only tiny) might be up for meeting fire with fire, the respectable right is opposed to that, and believes in being "open to all talents" which as a practical matter means being open to take-overs.

    Another part of the explanation is that the left constantly demands protection money while making it dangerous to even do business with relative rightists, like Rush Limbaugh. In this protection game, the radical left enjoys the approval of the respectable left, while the respectable right believes in policing the radical right to utter destruction, copying leftist attacks like "racist!" and "misogynist!" and shunning, repudiating and firing whoever they are told to attack, e.g. John Derbyshire.

    What this means is relatively small numbers of respectable leftists with big money-bags have a huge effect, because the radical politics they fund (and force the right and just taxpayers to fund) is furthered by multitudes of uninhibited, enthusiastic leftist fanatics. Small numbers of respectable leftists with big money-bags kill enthusiasm and effectiveness on the right. It is devastating to be attacked by your own team, fired by people you thought were friends, and so on. And what money they do spend is very inefficient; there is no radical activist multiplier.

    Power grows from the gutter to overshadow the tallest skyscrapers. The ideas that enthuse only crazies at first (such as homosexual marriage) later dictate the laws. The respectable left spends its money to cultivate such power on its own side. The respectable right spends its prestige to suppress the growth of any such power on its own side. (And spends its money on sports teams and the like - after paying political protection money to the left of course.)

    That's why half the argument vanishes in every public debate. (And it's not just a matter of the left owning the mass media, though they do. You can buy big media, if you really want to, but the respectable right doesn't.)

  2. So, I guess the answer is, there's no kind of ribbon you could wear for incidents like that, without being verbally attacked and persecuted by the left (trying to get you fired) and also by the respectable right.

    For which reason, the moneyed and respectable right is not worth supporting at all. If they all wound up broke and unemployable, that is only what they wanted to do to everybody one step to the right of their own self-interested and incoherent beliefs.