Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Alain Delon regrets...

Alain Delon achieved fame as a French actor in the 1960s. A recent newspaper article about him has revealed that he holds some traditionalist viewpoints. (hat tip: Reclaiming Beauty)

Alain Delon

First, he regrets the blurring of differences between men and women:
"More and more women have become men," while they should be embodying "supreme femininity" modeled after Miss France, declared Alain Delon in an interview with Figaro Magazine. As for men, the actor regrets that they no longer go through the army, which used to teach the "values necessary for the formation of a young man."

I'll try to improve a Google translation of some of what Delon had to say:
"Why would women go on to behave like men, why would they want to resemble them? I don't understand...We must pay attention to the balance between men and women...In my day we were told that it was not for a woman to go to war. If tomorrow they fight, they fight like men...I'm not sure they'll win." According to the actor the roles will now be "less defined" even "reversed as with paternity leave" he has said.

Delon believes that men are not raised to be as masculine as they once were. He thinks that military service was important for him in this respect:
"I would not be who I am without the army. It was she who taught me the necessary construction of a young man's values, a man of respect, discipline, courage..."

Why have sex roles become less defined? Because it's a core aim of liberal society that they become so. Liberals see autonomy (in which we self-define) as the basis of individual freedom, which sets liberalism against distinct sex roles as these are predefined rather than self-defined. That makes them, in liberal thought, restrictions on the individual that we are to be liberated from.

Clearly, Delon does not believe that he has been liberated by the fact of women becoming less feminine and men less masculine. It is more evidence that liberals have misconceived what freedom means.

Alain Delon has also joined the party in France that campaigns against open borders, the Front National, describing their policies as "uplifting."


  1. I''l be blunt, Alain Delon is attractive and I like his behavioral composition. It's a good thing that he's supporting good policies and viewpoints too, that doubles his personal appeal.

    1. In his personal life, he is an out-and-out B*&^stard. Consider the sad story of the son he had with Nico, whom he forsook and more or less abandoned to a life of drug abuse.

      That said, he's a fine actor; I watch anything with him in it. And it's always nice to see someone say such things in public these days.

  2. Wait ... In answer to your question, "Why have sex roles become less defined," wouldn't it be better to say that society no longer needs masculine men? And thus it behooves all concerned with forming them to have them be as feminine as possible? I mean, yes, society needs a FEW masculine men. But not that many. For shelf stockers and number pushers, society is better off having them feminized. They are easier to control, more pliable and less troublesome. Who ... exactly ... benefits from having them be more masculine? (Other than perhaps the men themselves, but they don't count.)

    1. The society that does not have masculine men, aside from being inherently warped, defective, and inhuman, will soon be crushed by a society that does have masculine men.

      Who benefits from masculine men? Wives, sons and daughters.

    2. By 'society' you mean 'corporations'?
      I see a bunch of androgynous, shapeless police officers in London these days, and it's terrifying - know that these useless girly-tattoo'd earring'd scruffy white lumps can't possibly use force successfully to keep order unless they resort to lethal weapons. And they are always white - I don't see non-white men being feminised.

    3. Bah,

      The standard pattern of history goes something like this.

      Barbarian Chaos -> Manly Men -> Feminize Enough For Organized Armies/Economy -> civilization -> Softening -> technological and organizational capacity allow softer men to overcome manlier men -> more softening -> softness is now too great for technology/organization to overcome -> fall to barbarians -> chaos

      The difference of course is that drones and such allow a level of effectiveness to even a feminized male that the bow/arrow and the phalanx never could. A beta with a remote control drone has more killing power then a Mongol horse archer. The beta in the best armor and ancient world could make still ran away on the battlefield.

  3. KgaardThursday: "Who ... exactly ... benefits from having them be more masculine?"

    Their wives, their children, their friends, and everyone with an interest in there being a next generation, which, according to Salter's theory of ethnic genetic interests, would be everyone of the same race.

  4. Delon is an amazing actor. Easy on the eyes, too. However, he seems to have had a lot of difficulty defining his own personal life. But, some of his views are valid.