Sunday, August 18, 2013

So we're just too powerful?

Ruby Hamad is a writer from Sydney. In an online column earlier this year, she looked at the issue of whites becoming minorities in countries like the UK, the US and Australia.

Her response to this helps to confirm a point I've made previously. It is difficult for left-liberals to take seriously the issue of whites facing decline, because according to their world view whites are a powerful, privileged group. How can she sympathise with the plight of whites when she views us this way?

She writes:
Before a mass panic ensues, it should be kept in mind that white privilege is so institutionalised, it would take more than a dip in numbers to overturn it. That, however, doesn't do much to stem the tide of the fear at being outnumbered.

There is a triumph of ideology over reality here. In her ideology, whites are uniquely bad in having created a system to gain an unearned privilege over other groups. Whites, in other words, have a systemic advantage over everyone else.

The whole system is set up for us, she thinks, so it doesn't matter if we are reduced to minorities, as we will remain the powerful, privileged group in society.


  1. The same ideas spring up in Feminism. There is a restitutive factor at the core of their worldview that is taken for granted. Being a 'normal' white male in the West means accepting, unquestioningly, and in perpetuity, the supposed moral debts of your ancestors. I don't see expressed, in clarity and practical detail, the line where all this is supposed to end - the point where this business of 'white guilt' is seen to be paid and a utopian 'balance' brings everybody into a state of true equality of opportunity and outcomes, with no race being the benefactor of privilege.

    It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion, and the train is filled with cultural flagellants.

  2. >ABC

    you're tax dollars at work. any idea on how much she makes?

  3. Whites have systematic advantage in their own countries
    Shocking. It was almost as if they were made by us for us.

    Reality is there is no law enshrining any sort of advantage for Ethnic Whites in their own countries in a lot of the west.
    They have either been repealed or because of a lack of foresight never put in place.

  4. Why even bother analysing these diatribes written by such left-wing peddlers of hate?

    These people are scum. Full stop.

  5. Starting call it for what it is--promoting white genocide.

    Liberals are status seeking-- if they are forced to recognize the immorality of what they are doing, they will have to stop or at least change the rhetoric.


    Time magazine calls for majority non-white Australia. Bye bye Bruce. Don't let the door hit you on the ass, mate!

  7. It's projection on her part. White liberals flood the Western world with non-white Third World people, and still are somehow the powerful privileged group. It's a way for her to assuage her guilt.

    By the way, it's not truly "minorities". Asians possess a large percentage of the global population, in addition to those mixed raced people in the Central-South America, and even Africans are quite numerous.

  8. The ABC has dropped to a new low by giving oxygen to anti-white racists such as Ruby Hamad. Disgusting.

    It seems the more "multicultural" Australia becomes through mass non-European immigration, the more white Australians are demonised and attacked.

    As Australian academic Frank Salter has pointed out, Western multiculturalism promotes the unilateral demobilisation of the majority while simultaneously promoting ethnic minority consciousnesses.

    Whites do not have systematic advantage in their own countries. On the contrary, white majorities are being deliberately undermined and marginalised in their historic homelands.

    See Salter's speech:

    The Humanitarian Costs of Western Multiculturalism