Friday, August 09, 2013

More reasons to oppose the White Ribbon campaign

The White Ribbon campaign wants to oppose domestic violence - an admirable aim. Unfortunately it is run on the basis of a particular ideology, one which makes these claims:
  • that domestic violence is gendered: that it is to be understood as violence committed by men against women
  • that domestic violence is systemic: that it is part of the norms of a traditional society and is to be found amongst all groups of men and is widely prevalent in society
  • that a society can rid itself of violence by dismantling traditional gender roles, traditional social norms and by creating a new equal, non-hierarchical and non-patriarchal society
The campaign has now been picked up by the Melbourne City Council. The Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle, has therefore exaggerated the prevalence of domestic violence by making this claim:
We know that one in three women has experienced violence. We also know that it is the single biggest cause of premature death among women aged 15-44.

You would think that he would stop and think for a moment before making such outlandish claims. There are women killed by domestic violence but the numbers involved are very small compared to the deaths of young women from car accidents, suicide and cancer. The Lord Mayor is simply repeating a rogue statistic that is never challenged because it is politically useful to those pushing a particular cause.

The Melbourne City Council has also committed itself to creating:
alternative models of masculinity for men and boys in the media and advertising

Do we really want feminist ideologues to be in charge of creating "alternative models of masculinity"? And do we really want to allow the slander against men to remain unchallenged, the slanderous claim that traditional masculinity is oriented toward violence against women rather than the physical protection of women?

And then there's this:
The We Need to Talk strategy, to go before a council meeting on Tuesday, argues that men's violence against women is an expression of "gendered power, that is, the power that men...have over women and children".

Here we have the assumption that men have power at the expense of women and children - even to the extent of the physical harm of women and children.  If you really believed this to be true, then you would have to set out to bring men down in society. You would see expressions of male authority in society in a negative light, as a source of oppression and injustice.

So even though fighting domestic violence is a worthy cause we should have nothing to do with the White Ribbon campaign. We should instead support those who wish to combat all forms of domestic violence (including violence committed by women) and who are willing to admit that there is a statistical link between such violence and poverty, unemployment, mental illness and alcohol and drug abuse.


  1. In my own experience (in Scotland), violence against women by men certainly does exist, but it seems to be much more common amongst people of a lower social class.

    I practically haven't heard of it amongst middle class people, but the men who are most likely to be violent against women are the same ones that drink too much, use drugs, swear all the time, live on benefits, and that kind of thing. The ones that meet the "ned" / "chav" stereotypes found in the UK. I don't know if similar equivalent people of lower social class exist in Australia but I would imagine there must be something similar.

  2. So actually, the worst white men out there are allowing the politically correct feminists to castigate ALL men as a consequence of their behaviour. Their behaviour provides the left with ammunition to use against men, and against right-wing ideas and traditionalism.

    Do such men care?

    No, they don't care about anything except getting their next fix of whatever it is they get off on.

    That's the problem: within Western societies there does tend to exist a white underclass, who have the tendency to be ignored by others but have the potential to bring things down for everyone else.

    The women of this white underclass are notable for remarkably high rates of single motherhood.

  3. A friend who deals with domestic violence, told me that women were just as prone to violence on men, as men were on women.

    The difference being that men are ashamed to report it. They were also unlikely to defend themselves with force, for fear of legal retribution.

    The biggest problem with this initiative is that it is gong to be run by government, one way or other. That effectively means that not only will it fail, but make the situation much worse, and at great cost.

    In the meantime, it means well paid jobs for the sisterhood.


  4. Anon
    That is true.

    Several police members I work with confirmed that most of the violence was committed by people on the dole and specific ethnic groups, particularly Maoris, Samoans and Middle Easteners.

  5. There has been research confirming the link between domestic violence and membership of a social underclass. For instance, when it comes to women who are killed by their partners we get the following statistics:

    James and Carcach (1998) suggest that almost 85 per cent of victims, and a little over 90 per cent of offenders, belong to what can be described as an underclass in Australian society.

    This underclass was defined by neither the male nor the female being in employment.

    In other words, in the vast majority of cases the worst domestic violence takes place amongst an underclass in which neither the male nor the female is employed.

  6. What about the Nordic countries? They have a higher amount of domestic violence and they are almost homogeneously middle-class.
    One of the reasons is drinking alcohol.

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  8. You have made heroic efforts to chart the moralities and ideologies of the liberal system, but what is producing these liberal policies, what kind of system is behind it all? These two links provide answers. Damon Vrabel is Harvard educated and ex-Wall Street insider, and Catherine Austin Fitts is ex-finance industry and government insider:

  9. Under our media regulation policies the fact that you have been speaking out against woman's rights and promoting mysgony is grounds to ensure that editors and contributors of this blog are banned. By ensuring that climate denialsim and homophobic views are silenced we can ensure that the white noise is silenced so that the real facts can be shown to the public

  10. Sarah Bath is an Australian Green.

    She has an interesting attitude to freedom of speech.

  11. Quotes dedicated to Sarah Bath:

    "There was a concerted effort on the part of a small clique of elite scientists at the UN and in supporting institutions, governments and universities to concoct the climate change "consensus" to pressure governments and public opinion into supporting the political, economic and social agenda of elites.
    This small group of scientists have for years been influential in driving the worldwide alarm over global warming ... not least through the role they play at the heart of the UN's Intergovernmental 'Panel on Climate Change'."
    R. Warren Anderson and Dan Gainor

    "The Rockefeller faction in the Anglo-American world began to prepare the Global Warming fraud - a fairy tale that oil from transportation vehicles or from coal fired plant emissions of CO2 are the cause of the gradual warming of the earth."
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    Continued ...

  12. Part 2

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  13. Some more quotes dedicated to Sarah Bath:

    "The figures at the helm of each and every one of the major environmental foundations such as the World Wildlife Fund, the Heritage Trust, the Nature Conservancy, the National Wildlife Federation, The Sierra Club, the World Wilderness Congress, Conservation International, and the Center for Earth Resource Analysis, are key members of the elite political organizations, including the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, and the Trilateral Commission)."
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    Larry Abraham with Franklin Sanders in their book "The Greening: The Environmentalists' Drive for Global Power"

  14. Mark,
    Sarah Bath and her ilk just can't help themselves. Their constant need to silence those with whom they disagree simply shows the extreme nature of their policies.

    Don't despair. I once thought exactly as you did. Then I grew up.
    There is hope for you too.


  15. Anon,

    I think you're right. Their policies can only be successful if they are unchallenged. Sarah Bath seems to instinctively recognise this and she is therefore hell bent on silencing what she calls the "white noise."

    I don't think she'll find this easy. If it were just we traditionalists then a censorship campaign could possibly work. But there are lots of independent voices out there, especially amongst activist young men, who don't like the idea of internet censorship. I suspect the weight of numbers right now is against Sarah.

  16. Sarah doesn't stand a chance. You could never censor the internet. All hell would break loose. Riots and so forth. Free speech online is so ingrained now that taking it away would be like poking a tiger in the eye with a sharp stick.