Monday, August 05, 2013

A terrific quote

The Scottish philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre very elegantly and concisely describes what is wrong with liberalism in this brief passage:
Liberalism in the name of freedom imposes a certain kind of unacknowledged domination, and one which in the long run tends to dissolve traditional human ties and to impoverish social and cultural relationships. Liberalism, while imposing through state power regimes that declare everyone free to pursue whatever they take to be their own good, deprives most people of the possibility of understanding their lives as a quest for the discovery and achievement of the good, especially by the way in which it attempts to discredit those traditional forms of human community within which this project has to be embodied.


  1. True and yet liberalism has now degenerated into progressivism, which is actively opposed to individual pursuit of the good where this conflicts with elite definitions of the good society.


    A good recent video of McIntyre speaking in the USA about the failure of American culture and society.

  3. What's the source of the quote, Mark?