Monday, May 13, 2013

Roebuck on women and marriage

Alan Roebuck has written a post at The Orthosphere on what the attitude of men toward women and marriage in a liberal culture ought to be. I think it's very good, particularly in outlining why marriage continues to be of importance. It's not just that the arguments are compelling, but that he models a spirited response to the difficulties of the age.

There was some debate in the comments about advice that Alan Roebuck gives to men facing divorce; that perhaps is inevitable given the difficulty of men in that situation (i.e. no easy solutions).

If you haven't already read it, I encourage you to do so:

Can Man Live Traditionally?


  1. Laura Wood's discussion on Roebuck's post at her blog is particularly good reading also.

  2. This is a very good piece. At least I like it.

    I see a problem though. He tells the man who is under threat of divorce to do practically anything his wife tells him to do, and while doing so always to appear strong.

    To whom must he appear strong? To his wife.

    She, not he, will decide if his appearance is convincingly strong.

    There are some other problems that appear in the comments.

    James A. Donald: "Of course another problem, especially with military husbands, is the cash and prizes aspect of divorce – that the woman gets the money upfront. Thus if a thrifty husband marries a spendthrift wife, whose focus is on the short term, he is apt to be divorced for short tem cash rewards regardless of income."

    That's on the mark. I don't blame Roebuck for having no answer to it, of course.

    jamesd127: "Our race, nation, our culture, our religion, are all subject to the power of people who intend to end it, and cannot continue if their power continues."

    That's also on the mark, and Alan Roebuck goes out of his way not to agree with it. Again though, the problem is so big I don't blame anyone for not having a solution.