Thursday, May 23, 2013

This day in Europe

It hasn't been widely reported in the Australian press but there have been riots in Stockholm for the past four nights. Last night saw violence in 15 suburbs. The riots began in the suburb of Husby, 82% of whose residents come from overseas backgrounds, largely from Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Somalia.

But the trouble isn't confined to Sweden. In England, two Muslim men slammed their car into a soldier and then attacked him with knives. The men then said "'We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you" and "You people will never be safe." Below is a picture of one of the killers with bloodstained hands:

The picture I posted isn't the most disturbing one. If you go to the linked Daily Mail article, you'll find two pictures of young women walking casually past the killer whilst the victim lies close by on the street. These women don't seem worried to be brushing shoulders with one of their own men who has just committed a violent street murder.


  1. The killer said: "You people will never be safe. Remove your Government, they don’t care about you."

    He told the truth. Our governments don't care about us. If they did, nobody like him would be in our countries; our political class imports floods of these people and forces us to integrate with them.

    He told the truth. We should get rid of all our governments in white countries. And the oppositions too, they are all rotten.

    He told the truth. We will never be safe. Not just because of people like him, but because we are ruled by people who import people like him.

    We should remember his good advice. If we ever get the chance we should act on it.

  2. Black Muslim? Double Yikes.

  3. "These women don't seem worried to be brushing shoulders with one of their own men who has just committed a violent street murder."

    Their attitude was natural because he was, as you noticed, one of their own men.

    This is the multiracial society. That is what "multiculturalism" is. That is what "diversity" means.

  4. You know what's terrifying? Not him, but people with power whose response to this is going to be all about taming the whites and tamping down their natural reactions, so that more men like that can be imported without resistance.

    We are ruled by traitors who are actively pursuing white genocide.

  5. I firmly believe it was a hate crime against whites. Also an Islamic terrorist attack.
    Media is of course saying no to all links.
    Meanwhile the EDL vandalism of a mosque was called a racist hate crime.

    The double standard in this crisis is infuriating for such a barbaric attack in public.

    No one seems to be on the English's side.

    Are English people now to live in fear of getting their head chopped off by immigrants? With the Government arresting you if you voice concern.

    Soon this state of affairs will just be intolerable and people will pack up and leave.

    What is with the media and politicians denying the reality of Islam? They have been targeting europe butchering people and taking sex slaves for centuries nonstop.

    I read that in the 17th century Eastern European neighbouring the Islamic Crimean Khanate ended up deserting their lands because they just got sick of the constant marauding.
    It seems that is all Muslims do pillage and plunder unceasingly until people either fight back or move away from them.

    I'm thinking now a new type of white flight will begin where westerners just desert whole regions of countries. Resulting in ghost towns like the exmining towns.

  6. It's just total madness.

    Guys like Mohammed Merah in France, the Tsarnaev brothers in America, and now Michael Adebolajo in England. Why do we have such nutters doing these things?

    That being said... none of these guys were as violent as Anders Behring Breivik in Norway, who not only survived after murdering 77 people but actually escaped without any injuries.

    And I suspect that Breivik has a lot more in common ideologically with the readers of this blog than any Muslim terrorist.

  7. The recent protests against UKIP in Scotland were pathetic. Now I don't even particularly like UKIP to any great extent, but those who were protesting against Nigel Farage's visit to Edinburgh and calling him a racist and Nazi (which is pretty ridiculous, I mean seriously, referring to UKIP as 'Nazis' is pretty ignorant) were a serious bunch of low-life left-wing vermin.

    Personally, I think it would have been interesting to see how these juvenile left-wing cretins in Edinburgh would have reacted if they had come face to face with Michael Adebolajo wielding that meat cleaver with his hands drenched in blood... they'd run for their pathetic little lives.

  8. Anonymous (Friday, 24 May 2013 1:58:00 am AEST), I agree with what you say, but please pick a handle, even if it's just an arbitrary sequence of letters and numbers.

    There are some things that concern my about this. (Which is why I sometimes get upset and make too many typos).

    1. This is happening in a country that's still massively white and formally Christian. But whites have no defense for their interests. We are not allowed to speak freely or organize. Nobody is on our side. What's it going to be like when we are a minority? If we can't defend our interests at all now, it will be much worse later.

    2. The anti-whites have an invisible Berlin Wall, which is that they are pushing for mass non-white immigration in all (and only) white countries. The Communists stopped people running away from their system to a better system with barbed wire and shooting people. The anti-whites are doing it my making a world where there's nowhere for whites to run to. If you don't like guys like that on the street doing what they like, you can't "love it or leave it" because only option A exists. There is no white refuge anywhere.

    3. People keep doing white flight anyway, flying to nowhere. You can argue about whether this is driving white population decrease, which is now a fact, but if we were taking about an animal species that was losing its habitat there would be no debate; of course that is going to lead to population depression and then extinction. But because white people have nobody on our side, white people just keep running to nowhere, running till our time runs out.

    We are the products of countless generations of heroic white ancestors, who sacrificed and struggled so that they would have descendants to come after them without end. They did not mean for things to end like this. We have a serious moral obligation to roll this back so that there will be a future for white children and there will never again be a threat to them like this, an extinction event organized by our governments, supported by the mass media, the wealthy, academia and even the churches.

    But we have no means. We have no friends. We are ruled by traitors. You can see - the white people on that street are helpless. If they even talk about pushing back, the army and the police and every resource or power will be used to crush only the decent whites. (We saw this in the London riots too.) Decent, ordinary white people with no friends in power have no answer to that. We're betraying all our ancestors by not pushing back, but we have no means.

  9. Have a think about what it will be like in our white countries when mass immigration has created majority populations like Michael Adebolajo and the black women just walking past him because they know he's their guy. (As opposed to us whites.) Do you really think we can allow that to happen, and we won't go extinct?

  10. Daybreaker,

    Your observations are valid.

    I'm assuming you live somewhere in England?

    I honestly do not know what it is like to live in somewhere like London or any heavily culturally enriched large English city. I have not spent enough time in these places to know.

    The left likes to take the moral high ground. For them, going down the road to white extinction is the moral high ground itself. For them, opposition to white extinction is what is most immoral.

  11. It's also interesting to note that the author Lothrop Stoddard wrote in 1920 in his book, The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy:

    "In so far as he is Islamized, the negro's warlike propensities will
    be inflamed, and he will be used as the tool of Arab Pan-Islamism"

    It is amazing that something written in 1920 could be so accurate at describing events taking place in 2013.

    Here's a link to the PDF:

  12. It's true that only a small minority do violence, but throughout history, it is the violent who design the society. A Mumbai style attack in the West looks more and more likely these days.

    I feel if the West left Muslim lands and Western businesses were happy with Western labour, we could return to peaceful and fulfilling lives.

  13. "I'm assuming you live somewhere in England?"
    Not for a long time. I live in Australia. That doesn't make me a stranger, or not kin.

  14. Someone said that our soldiers need to come home from their lands, and their soldiers need to come home from our lands. Their soldiers are all of them, because they are all replacing us.

    They came. They can certainly go.

  15. "We swear by Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you," the killer said.

    I believe him.

    Importing people like this is treachery.

  16. Soothing the suckers:

    LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister David Cameron said the brutal killing of a soldier who was hacked to death in London by two men shouting Jihadist slogans was a betrayal of Islam.

    "We will never give in to terror or terrorism in any of its forms," Cameron told reporters outside his Downing Street residence on Thursday.

  17. I had a similar experience north of Sydney a black man of unknown ethnicity attacked me in the street in broad day light with witnesses.
    I stood my ground and he backed off sneering at me as he left. So I kept my head in that instance.
    The thing that stood out though was I was completely unsurprised by it because of how sudden the attack was and how unremarkable the guy was in well dressed clothes.
    I should of realised such an immigrant walking around in an all white area of NSW was something amiss.

    So the best advice for readers with an open mind is around blacks as a white you should not ever let your guard down.

    later I had this experience in Europe with my blonde gf. I felt more like a secruity guard getting her from point A to point B. The harassment and menacing from Africans in European cities is constant as a white man.
    White women seem oblivious because blacks are two faced. One smiles for the woman and sneers for the man.

    In this recent attack notice how passive the blacks are too white women. They don't regard them as an enemy they want to get into relationships with them and their hatred is entirely for white men.
    In fact one of the murderers had a white gf its been revealed.

    I blame white women largely for this state of affairs many have shown no ethnic loyalty and have emboldened males like Africans they have helped stir the pot effectively. Meanwhile being unnecessarily harsh to upstanding White men.

    Some people have said where were the white men in this moment? Well They were working of course.

  18. It's true that only a small minority do violence
    This is a western lie from our Politicians. Anyone who briefly glances over Islamic history from its inception to the present will note that violence and Muslims go hand in hand and its constant.
    Its a religion founded by a warlord for Pete's sake.
    Every Islamic nation since has followed a path of aggravating its non-islamic neighbors.
    This is medieval stuff that westerners are not used to for the last 100 years or so. Largely because of the socialists softening us up and not teaching us about history at school.

  19. That is no lie, it is a minority of Muslims who would engage in such acts. That doesn't mean that this minority isn't significant enough that you don't act. Good Muslims/Bad Muslims is a smokescreen, if you allow a strongly ideological community to take root in your countries beyond a certain low level, you will feel the effects.

    Muhammad's contribution to the Arabs was much more than just being a "warlord", not that Europe's own history is bereft of incredible violence. It isn't true that every Islamic nation has aggravated its neighbors unless the only frame you can see from is Vienna and the Crusades; history simply does not support it, socialist or otherwise. That said, Muslims are probably more violent than Westerners for both racial and religious reasons. You fight for what you feel fervor for. Westerners seem to have had the fight extracted from them both spiritually and ideologically. An African immigrant, already resentful of whites, will only have that resentment amplified by the perception of his religion under attack. Even nearly retarded Muslims at least have the faith and conviction to take it quite far.

    Whether or not Western people will it, care for it, condone it or condemn it, the fact is that your governments have made, and continue to make, brutal war on some Muslim nations. Israel is a similar sore point. The source of culture and tradition destroying globalist liberalism is not Islam, nor is it the source of the "Enlightenment" that logically leads to an atomized, radically individual, "rational", positivist, materialist Homo Economicus. Muslims did not create your immigration policies, they didn't ask you to import the dregs of our nations (and other fun, war-torn zones) wholesale. I used to laugh at pronouncements of the West as the "Great Satan", I now take it seriously. The Enemy has you in a close embrace.

    Western Muslims have caught on to the victim narrative, but because they truly believe it and are weak in their faith, not primarily for pragmatic reasons. The children that Breivik killed were being groomed to become good little Marxists. The Muslims that make use of these structures and weaknesses for pragmatic reasons do however exist (See: Anjum Choudary. Allowing this man to remain in a Western nation can't be anything short of a sign of weakness and decay surely).

    I won't speak for other Muslims but I have no quarrel with the West. I don't want to see greatness lost and destroyed so easily. Do us a favor and KILL the people who spit on the magnanimity of their hosts, who don't know how to be guests. Don't wallow in hatred though, you will gain nothing from bitterness.

  20. In the Daily Mail, linked by PowerLine:

    A 22-year-old man has been charged on suspicion of making malicious comments on Facebook following the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby.
    Benjamin Flatters, from Lincoln, was arrested last night after complaints were made to Lincolnshire Police about comments made on Facebook, which were allegedly of a racist or anti-religious nature.
    He was charged with an offence of malicious communications this afternoon in relation to the comments, a Lincolnshire Police spokesman said.

    A second man was visited by officers and warned about his activity on social media, the spokesman added.

    Please go and read the full article. There is more and worse than I have quoted.

    We should understand what this means. It means that we are ruled by traitors, in white countries now - and what I just said would be illegal in the UK.

    "Remove your Government, they don’t care about you."


  21. Soon this state of affairs will just be intolerable and people will pack up and leave.

    It's not already intolerable that English people are hacked to death in the street by foreign savages?

    If it is intolerable, why should English people leave? What they should do is fight.

    Especially because there is nowhere to go anyway.

  22. . said... "Especially because there is nowhere to go anyway."


    This is the Berlin wall of anti-white "multiculturalism".

    The Communists wouldn't let you get out of their system, because they would shoot you.

    The anti-whites won't let you go to a permanent white refuge, because they are pushing mass immigration and forced integration in all white countries. There's nowhere to run.