Saturday, April 21, 2012

Was Zimmerman's photo doctored to better fit the script?

I clicked on a Daily Mail story about George Zimmerman and was surprised to see just how Hispanic he looks:

My immediate suspicion was that the early photos of Zimmernan may have been photoshopped to make him seem whiter. It fits the liberal script better if Zimmerman, who is facing trial for shooting a young black man, Trayvon Martin, can be portrayed as a "white racist" (if you are unaware of the background to this story see here).

I don't know if I'm right in suspecting the media, but look at the set of images below. It shows the images of Zimmerman used by major media outlets after the story broke. It does seem as if both the ABC (American Broadcasting Company) and CBS have altered the original photo - the last two photos in particular seem suspect.


  1. Unbelievable. This would be a new low by any standard.

  2. And look what happens as a result. Two young black men beat up a white man in Chicago because they were upset about Trayvon Martin.

    They chose to beat up a white man, even though Zimmerman is clearly not white, and even though there is at least some evidence that Zimmerman was acting in self-defence.

  3. @Jesse_7
    It's not really a new low. This has been done worldwide by leftists in the media for years.
    Sweden has some of the worst cases. Where they pixelated faces of criminals become pink and silhouettes of Europeans are used for African criminals.

    Thats not the only case theres been a few revenge attacks.

    One I thought was interesting was a white woman who ordered an Iced tea at macdonalds in America and had spit in it.
    The Iced tea is relevant of course because Trayvon had an Iced tea and the pro-trayvon rallies have had a big emphasis on the food he was carrying.