Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another chart - this time on degrees

We're supposed to believe that women are an oppressed class in society. But look at the following graph (U.S. data):

It is projected that by 2019 the situation will be exactly the reverse of 1966 - that 61% of degrees will go to women and not men.

I wonder what middle-class parents think of this graph. It's going to be harder for their sons and daughters to form families in such a situation.


  1. There's a solution for that: discard the sons to the scrap heap and import multicultural husbands for the daughters.

    As in Helsinki.

  2. And if the female hypergamy hypothesis is predictive (which I believe generally it is), just who are those 61% of college grads going to marry?

  3. The current societal push to not just 'empower' women but to actually 'over power' men is so obvious to me now. Educating women is a good thing but it shouldn't be at the expense of men.

    I've only recently become aware of this push and I saw it most obviously it with my son's enrolment in an engineering degree He automatically won two uni scholarships because of his high ATAR and applied for several others. Of the ones he applied for, all 3 the girls enrolled got one, leaving 5 for the other 90 or so boys. The advertising material he received on enrolment portrayed a MAJORITY of women engineers and students. The white male was even further endangered in this material by the need to portray minorites.

    It is so blatant.

  4. Not surprising, this has been the direct effect of changing how we teach children in school. Sometime in the 80's it was deemed that boys should behave like girls and that any "boy" behaviour be considered as ADD or ADHD.

    Then they made classrooms girl friendly and bored the shit out of boys who need activity to learn. Sitting still for hours is not the way boys learn best.

  5. Hey Daybreaker, I wonder if those are the women Oz Conservative spoke of when he said,"...but from what I've observed of the younger women I know it's typical for middle class women in their early 20s to suggest that they might not ever want to have children; by their mid 20s they are still uncertain but starting to waver; and by their late 20s many have shifted to positively wanting children."?

    Slags an hoes, ripe for the pickings eh? Thanks but no thanks. Coal burning, mud sharking slime.

  6. White males are innovators. This leads them to be great engineers and scientists as well.

    Discard White men on the scrap heap and the result will be impowerishment of mankind as a whole.

    NASA is going 100% for Diversity. Fortunately, no real innovative work is now done at NASA. All the research, engineering and even assembly, is done by contracting companies. This leaves NASA's Diversity engineers with the glory, and politicians with justification of their Diversity policies, if the NASA mission is accomplished. If not, then this only means that more Diversity is required.

  7. I guess I have to ask. What are the degrees in?

    There is a saying, by Vox Day, I believe. The predators go where the prey are.

    Back when I went to University in Australia, there were lots of women, but they were doing soft degrees, and even today, there are few women in the hard areas (called STEM in some areas).

    That lots of women have degrees in early childhood education or underwater basket weaving means very little, except that they are essentially useless.

    In addition, I think that the economy in Australia is about to take a belly flop because China both thinks that Australian raw materials are too expensive and because they will need less anyway, so I would concentrate on useful degrees and skills. Things like engineering and gun smithing.

    Also, learn about rule 303.

  8. When 8 hours of labour a week goes into general revenue to fund this liberal destruction of society - when does it become formal co-operation with evil and treason?

    Good reason to learn practical skills, home building, and congregate in small farming communities? Seems like alot of land will be coming onto the market.

    I've been a teacher for years but can I in good conscience lead my students into this? Without my taxes, because liberalism is parasitic and needs to ruthlessly seek money and power for demographic reasons, their whole edifice would fall.

    And enriching these guys?

    Not sure how much time the above article gives us, but withdrawing from the evil of this political/social settlement and reinvesting in new communities should be well advanced in our thinking. naturalhomebuildingblog and permaculture and catholiclandmovement means to me labouring for myself and my own family and much more leisure.

  9. As I noted at VFR, according to the census, in the USA Bachelor's degrees and higher are awarded almost exactly evenly to men and women. Thus, if you are white and you expect your kids to go to college, you can take comfort that appropriate mates are available to them.