Friday, October 07, 2011

Doesn't whiteness studies contravene Section 18C?

So an Australian judge has found that:

People should be free to fully identify with their race without fear of public disdain or loss of esteem for so identifying.

Andrew Bolt was found guilty of contravening the Racial Discrimination Act on this basis, since he questioned why light-skinned Aboriginal activists would identify with the minor part of their ancestry.

But who else would also have to be found guilty? The thought crossed my mind that all those academics involved in "whiteness studies" courses contravene the law, given that the whole point of these courses is to associate whiteness negatively with oppression and to deny that a white racial identity is legitimate.

So I did a quick google search and within a minute had come up with sufficient evidence to run a case. In the very first section of the first document I looked at I found this:

“[t]he critique of whiteness…attempts to displace the normativity of the white position by seeing it as a strategy of authority rather than an authentic or essential ‘identity’

Here we have a clear denial that a white person might have an authentic race identity.

In the same document we find the following:

the central overarching theme in scholarship on whiteness is the argument that white identity is decisively shaped by the exercise of power and the expectation of advantages in acquiring property

Isn't that an insulting claim? The allegation is that whites only identify as whites in order to get power and money.

Then there's this admission about whiteness studies:

This literature sits within a long history of observations of whiteness as a problem

So whiteness is looked on in the literature as a "problem". Not a tad offensive to white people?

There's also this:

Allen, as is central to the critical study of whiteness ... [describes] the invention of the white race as political rather than biological or evolutionary.

Umm, how can I be free to fully identify with my race, if the very existence of my race is denied?

It gets worse:

Again, Roediger was also responsible for editing a collection of essays concerned with whiteness. Entitled Towards the abolition of whiteness, this text contributes to the movement, above attributed to Ignatiev, of those seeking to combat white race privilege by abolishing the white race.

Now, surely anyone selling this book in Australia is contravening section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Then there's the following less than charming passage:

‘New Abolitionism’ “refers to the abolishment of the white race so that whites may gain their freedom from the enslavement of their cooperation in racism” ... It requires challenging all of the institutions that reproduce race and whiteness, and the supporters of ‘new abolitionism’ call on all ‘so-called whites’ (to borrow the language of Race Traitor) to become race traitors, telling us that “treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity”

I'm not feeling fully free to identify with my own race after reading that particular rant. I'm feeling offended. Definitely a case for Section 18C.

And there's this this from Olivia Khoo:

In the Australian context Olivia Khoo uses Asian-Australian and indigenous literature to discuss the possibilities for destabilising whiteness in Australia. She suggests a strategy of ‘visibilising’ whiteness as an ‘ornamental detail’, arguing that “[s]howing up the ornamentation of whiteness enables it to be dislodged from its position of power and associated privileges”

Oddly, Olivia Khoo's own suffering at the hands of white privilege was to be catapulted into a job as an English lecturer at Monash University. Must have been a hard path to tread.

All of the above quotes are from just one paper written by a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland - the first paper I happened to look at. Just imagine, then, if Section 18C were to be applied consistently throughout academia. You would probably have to close down the English departments at most universities and at many high schools - and some of the history and politics departments as well.


  1. Not sure if this is related but pulled from the newcastle uni website.

    "International Leadership Experience and Development Program (iLEAD)

    Welcome to the University of Newcastle's iLEAD Program.

    Are you inspired by people like Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan and Al Gore?

    If so, this is the program for you.

    iLEAD is open to all undergraduate students who are interested in community, diversity, international leadership and international awareness."

    Read "its open to everyone aslong as you push our ideology. If you are a straight white male you must surrender to the left."

    So I'm being denied oppertunities as a straight white male who will not support this.

    A quick look at the newcastle uni website shows nearly every photograph being a non-white with a white or just a non-white.

    Universities are currently the most openly racist organistations in the western world.

  2. Isn't there a provision in Sect. 18C for academic discourse? The passages you cite sound more like advocacy than discourse, however.

    I am befuddled as to how one can argue that the white race does not exist and in the next breath declare that it should be eradicated.

    Does this kind of thinking lead to ideas like global race mixing, so that eventually everyone is "brown" and there will be no basis for racism?

    I am reminded more frequently these days of the aphorism that those whom God will destroy he first makes mad.

  3. I'm offended and insulted by this negation of my identity.

  4. @anonymous
    Friday, 7 October 2011 2:24:00 PM AEDT

    Yes the master plan of leftists/liberals etc is to force Whites to racemix. This has been done by making a natural enviroment for it to occur ie saturating Western nations with foreigners. Very often leftists express their frustration that people aren't mixing fast enough (possibly an indication they want to see their fantasy fulfilled in their lifetime) and will occassionaly make open calls for forced miscengenation. How is this any different to the 'stolen generation' arguement of forced assimiliation. They don't support 'blacks' being dissolved. They do support whites being dissolved.
    I'm also not sure how grounded in reality the theory is that every one would become brown if this is allowed to carry on. Communities of mixed blacks seem to get more caucasian and lighter with each generation until they look like Wentworth Miller or Mariah Carrey. Theres a certain british celebrity thats half filipino that had a blonde very caucasian looking child.
    So i think the next logical step leftists will take is to force miscegenation with favouritism to "African" and other noncaucasian traits.

  5. It seems you have a good case here. So why not make it official? Take this evidence to court. We need to let the general public know about this kind of hypocrisy. If the Aboriginals can do it, why can't we?

  6. the abolishment of the white race so that whites may gain their freedom from the enslavement of their cooperation in racism

    This is remarkably similar to the jihadist argument that by forcibly imposing Sharia upon you they do you the service of saving you from the oppression of man-made law.

  7. Who? Whom?

    Who's saying it? Whom is it about?

    If the who is a conservative, and he makes certain comments about an individual from a favoured minority*, he may find himself in court.

    If the who is a leftist, and he makes similar comments about an individual from an unfavoured group, his comments will be excused, explained away, laughed off. The aggrieved subject will be mocked.

    * Determined by Marxist moral calculus.

  8. Off topic....

    Well Mark you were right. Juliet is writing for Huffington Post and has her pretty blonde little picture with a new article.

    I actually truly believed that she had written the last article from the heart---a woman in desperate need to have a child, a woman lost who was reconsidering her life path, who was in the midst of self-reflection.

    But the fact that she is continuing her career as a Free writer for HuffPo means that she is just into Self-Promotion and a not genuine about having children. Getting invited to more liberal cocktail parties in NYC.

    Arrrghhhh...Liberals are so not genuine! (Acting is all about being genuine)

    But either way I have had to stop reading Roissy and some of the men's blogs....Reading those blogs is the fastest way to wanting to rip out the hearts of men and become a lesbian.

  9. Anon,

    Well I'll say one thing for Juliet Jeske. She doesn't sugar coat her situation. She writes with clarity about the problems of delayed family formation.

    As for Roissy, I don't read him much. In one sense he's at the better end of the MRA movement as he does throw in a bit of traditionalist analysis, alongside the anti-traditionalist player philosophy.

    There are numbers of men who recognise the symptoms of decline clearly enough, and who even analyse the causes of decline clearly enough, but who just don't have it in them to be restorationists - they're not out there working toward something better, they're just getting what they can out of the society they know is failing.

    If a trad movement could get enough traction to start to do something practical maybe we could bring over some of these men.

  10. So why not make it official? Take this evidence to court.

    If we were at the next level of organisation, say if we had a little fledgeling activist movement of a few hundred, then you could do this. You could set up a legal fund for members to contribute to and then start to push back a bit by bringing actions before the courts.

    It's another example of what might be achieved positively even as a relatively small movement.

  11. Theres a certain british celebrity thats half filipino that had a blonde very caucasian looking child.

    Reminds me of children from American and Latino unions. They either look completely Latino or they look mostly European.

  12. Listen Australians, America is rapidly being overrun by third world immigrants and the tenants of our Constitution are being destroyed by those who have no desire to uphold western ideals. For God's sake close your borders and limit immigration as you will soon see that you are the last battle ground for European autonomy.