Friday, October 29, 2004

Labor realism?

This is, at least, a step forward. The Australian Labor Party has appointed a new immigration spokesman, Laurie Ferguson. He has already taken a stand against soft-headed refugee activists.

According to Mr Ferguson, too many such activists fail to understand that a sizeable proportion of asylum seekers have fraudulent cases and manipulate the legal system to stay in Australia.

He is also sceptical about the idea of releasing illegal arrivals into the community, because "All international experience shows that if people have not got a strong case, they have no real wish to remain part of the system and basically disappear into society."

Mr Ferguson explained that, "I get a bit sick of being lectured to by people. What I do question is that people who don't want any rules, don't want any controls, don't want any checking are usually people whose contact is limited to a few niche cases that they get very emotionally involved in. These people lack knowledge, quite frankly, of the broader issues."

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