Sunday, October 03, 2004

Is this freedom? Is this equality?

It's difficult not to be disturbed by Jared Taylor's latest article at Vdare. It details various cases to have come before Sweden's anti-hate speech courts.

Sweden, as usual, is at the forefront of social democracy (left-liberalism) in pursuing these laws. In one case a Swedish pastor gave a sermon critical of homosexuality and was sentenced to a month in prison. The state prosecutor explained that "Collecting Bible [verses] on this topic as he does makes this hate speech".

In another case a man was sentenced to two months prison for writing, after some gang rapes of Swedish girls, that "I don't think I am alone in feeling sick when reading about how Swedish girls are raped by immigrant hordes".

Most incredible, though, is the case of feminist Joanna Rytel. She wrote a most vitriolic diatribe against white Swedish men for a major Swedish newspaper. If the title of her article, "I Will Never Give Birth to a White Man" was not offensive enough, she then went on to demand "no white men, please ... I just puke on them, thank you very much" and she wrote openly of wanting someone "to talk with all night long about my hatred towards white men".

Did Ms Rytel end up behind bars for such vile hate speech? No, she didn't. She wasn't even charged, because, as the state prosecutor explained, "Cases where people express themselves in a critical or derogatory way about men of ethnic Swedish background were not intended to be included in this law."

So, in a country which has actually abandoned free speech, and imprisons people for political incorrectness, it's considered OK to express the most outlandish hatred against a large segment of the population: Swedish men.

This is where advanced liberalism is leading us. Not toward the promised goals of freedom and equality, but toward the imposition of thought crimes and inequality before the law.

It's now up to Swedish men to show some fighting spirit. Why should they stay loyal to a liberal politics which openly treats them this way? It's time for Swedish men to radically rethink the liberal politics which has brought their country to such an unenviable condition.

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