Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Is this morally neutral?

A Human Rights Commission in Canada has ruled that a 14-year-old girl ice-hockey player must be allowed to share the same locker room as the boy players.

This is a case of the liberal moral code being imposed on society. Liberals believe that it's wrong for us to be defined by an inherited and unchosen quality like our own sex. Therefore, the "human rights" commission quite predictably decided that the girl hockey player should be treated in a gender neutral way, just like one of the boys, and share their change room.

Note, that liberalism is not being morally neutral in this case. It is using the public authority of a Human Rights Commission to enforce its own moral understanding against a traditional moral understanding. It is ruling against the traditional morality that there should be a degree of sexual modesty existing between boys and girls.

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  1. Mark,

    Forgive me if you've seen my flagging up this site at Jim Kalb's Turnabout blog:-

    It's my very favourite window on the cultural fruitcakes but, of course, it's absolutely no joke. These people are developing an attack on heterosexuality but not through the unbridgeably "other" medium of gay & lesbian rights. No, they are utilising transsexualism, which they evidently hope to elide into masculinity (rather than feminity, presumeably for reason of the possibility of appendige removal). They have already told us that we chaps are in a phase of "hysteria" - nice Freudian touch, that.

    Now, it is not beyond the realms of possibility, or "discourse" during the innumerable psuedo-conferences held around the world by the marxian professorial and social scientistic classes, that many other, less outrageous but still virulent forms of attack on heterosexuality will arise over the coming years. I don't know if the Canadian case is one such. But my bet is that they'll be a lot more.

    Politically, I need a woman right NOW! Come to think of it, that's not just a political need.