Saturday, October 28, 2017

Jordan Peterson - the path is narrow

I've posted below a short video of a lecture by Jordan Peterson. It is bracingly countercultural. The liberal assumption is that we live in an existential vacuum in which we are free to choose in any direction. Jordan Peterson's experience as a clinical psychologist is that this is not so, and that there is a moral order that the individual cannot transgress without consequences:


  1. "twisting the fabric of reality"

    Great phrase.

  2. Liberalism is like compressing a coil. When it springs back, as it inevitably does when pushed hard, the push back is ferocious. We can see that in the realm of human and plant biology where the results have been obvious and most destructive. The GM crops cultivated with the use of carcinogenic weedkillers and fertilizers with the intention of increasing crop yields and profitability for corporations have been decimated by the ferocious growth of dense weeds unresponsive to weedkillers and decimating the agricultural land leaving a land ravaged and unusable for further crop growth.

    Similarly the ethnic and racial mixing of humans has lead to an increase in aggressive cancers, particularly of the lymphatic and haematologic systems, often in children and adolescents. Mixed race patients can rarely be matched with donors so the tumours are a death sentence.

    As the Bible says, the price of sin is death.

  3. Another example of how the liberals portray us. Attacking a right-liberal candidate in Virginia (US) and his supporters, as murderers of children.

  4. I did a quick search and I could find nothing to support your claim that ethnic and race mixing degrades human health. Could you provide citations?
    In dogs, for instance, the opposite is clearly true. Breeders have long demonstrated increased defects resulting from pedigree breeding, which is not natural; and the increased vigor of hybrids, mutts being perfectly natural.
    I don't think that dogs think about barking, culture and borders in quite the same way as humans.

    1. "I did a quick search and I could find nothing to support your claim that ethnic and race mixing degrades human health. Could you provide citations?"

      Are you a physician or scientist with access to the major international research bases and publications? If so you can trawl through the oncology and genetics sections for relevant studies, case reports and anecdotal oncologist and haematologist experience. If not then you can access only what is available to lay people on the internet which is very limited and requires a basic understanding of genetics and oncology.

      Here are a few articles to start with:

      The important part of the second article
      "The authors go on to describe a striking parallelism between the basicmechanisms of species evolution and the development of cancer cells. In cancer evolution, the first non-clonal, or punctuated, phase is driven by a high level of karyotype heterogeneity, whereas the second clonal phase (microevolution) witnesses the evolution of many cells that share similar karyotypes via accumulation of gene mutations. From this perspective, and given the high multiple levels of the genetic/epigenetic heterogeneity that exist in most cancers, genomic heterogeneity can be viewed as the driving force behind many diseases, cancer in particular."

      In essence the effect of race mixing at the level of the genes is the crucial factor where heterogeneity has been established as the driving force for human disease and cancer.

      The last article demonstrates the close genetic similarity of European peoples and the ease of locating stem cell donors and hence successful treatment of malignancy and compares that with the extreme difficulty, often impossibility of stem cell donation for mixed race people.

      In summary, the mixing of diverse peoples affects the human genotype creating new diseases and tumours which are less responsive to conventional treatments and impossible to treat with advanced modalities. The result of diversity is an increased burden of illness and medical care on society and increased morbidity and mortality. In other words, self destruction.

    2. "In dogs, for instance, the opposite is clearly true. Breeders have long demonstrated increased defects resulting from pedigree breeding, which is not natural; and the increased vigor of hybrids, mutts being perfectly natural. "

      This is nonsense. Veterinarians are the authority on animal health and not breeders who view the occupation as a business. Poor selective breeding for specific (usually trophy winning appearance) traits leads to defects. This is commercial breeding unsupported by qualified vets. Normal pedigree breeding does not. All breeds of animal have specific defects which are characteristic of the breed but the new defects are a consequence of poor breeding techniques employed by non expert breeders. The Mongrels' "increased vigour" is a myth. The latter often inherit the typical defects of their mixed ancestral breeds leading to a double dose of defects. A well bred pedigree animal; dog, horse or any other generally enjoys superior health to a mongrel.

      Just think if the mongrel is a superior animal, there would be no need for the separate breeds with their individual and unique characteristics. That is why you don't see mongrels operating in the armed forces or police. They very rarely meet the standards of a pure bred German Shepherd, spaniel or border collie for discipline, obedience, training and sense of smell. Ever seen a mixed race horse win a major race?

    3. Thanks. I'm no scientist. I'm a tired old carpenter. I'll give the articles a try.
      From what you've included from the second article, I read it as a description of what is going on with the mutating and evolving cancers themselves (the first paragraph).

      Then, it asserts, without a connection, that race mixing is the crucial factor.

      I try reading the articles.

      I get the explanation that it's more difficult, if not impossible, to donate proper stem cells to mixed race people.

      Can you explain why canines thrive when they cross breed?

  5. Dr. Peterson is an actual culture warrior. He refuses to refer to the trans-diculous by their stupid, grating and endless stream of pronouns. His university administration threatens him. They demand that he capitulate to their speech demands. The Ontario Human Rights tribunal threatens him with fines. He says that if they fine him, as the new law provides, he "won't pay it. If they put me in jail, I'll go on a hunger strike. I'M NOT DOING THIS. That's that. I'm not using the words that other people require me to use. Especially if they're made up by radical leftwing ideologues."

    A kindrid spirit.

    I've been preaching for years (I just talk), that the first battle is over the language. Without fighting and winning the first battle, against what I argue is nothing more than a paper tiger, we can't and won't advance another foot. Win the language battle, and all that remains is what has ALWAYS EXISTED: HOMOSEXUALS.

    Challenge everyone of these "gender" frauds to prove that they are not same-sex attracted. Make them own their homosexuality, and then educated our ignorant populations, and this particular insanity ends. Mutilating themselves, dressing and acting female, does not excuse their homophobia.

    BTW, Dr. Peterson does not consider himself to be white, and he argues that self-defining as white is not wrong.

    1. I've been preaching for years (I just talk), that the first battle is over the language.

      Agreed. But so few people understand this. Every time we use a politically correct word or phrase like "gay" or "marriage equality" or "human rights" we are ceding ground to the enemy without a fight.

    2. Exactly. It boggles my tiny brain that so few get this. Is it too obvious? Why doesn't everyone realize that "gay" is a political position, a special rights strategy, and that "lifestyle" is so transparently a diversion from the toxic reality of same-sex sex? Why doesn't everyone see that trans-whatevers are HOMOSEXUALS trying to change colors in order to blend in and hide what they must abhor about themselves, sad and desperate as it may be?
      What in hell are we going to do about this. I'm getting a sore throat yelling at this screen.

  6. A case study in the violation of the natural law.

    Lara Casaloti, a mixed race woman of Italian,Thai and Chinese ancestry, living in London, developed Acute Myeloid Leukaemia(AML), a blood cancer at the age of 24 whilst studying for a Masters Degree in Global Migration (ironic!). The mean age for this condition is 69 and its more common in men than women. The majority of cases go into remission after a single course of chemotherapy and it is not a particularly troublesome form of cancer, requiring neither major surgery nor prolonged hospital admission. This woman is therefore unusual. She developed a malignancy rarely seen in young women and despite her young age, did not respond to the usual chemotherapy which puts 60% of people in their 60s and 70s and a higher percentage of younger people into remission. Her tumour is highly aggressive and untreatable with normal drug protocols. After chemotherapy failed, her only hope was a stem cell transplant but her mixed ethnicity and hence unusual genetic makeup made finding a local match in the UK impossible.

    This sparked a major international search for a donor which was highly publicised and launched by the usual celebrities Steven Fry, JK Rowling and Mario Testino. (Would a white person with an aggressive cancer get this attention?) All expounded the wonders of diversity.

    Eventually the international search located a Eurasian donor somewhere in the world, who agreed to donate stem cells. After this, nothing further has been heard about the case. Is Lara still alive? Her twitter feed, which promotes acceptance of refugees and mass immigration, is silent. One can assume that she is not well, the stem cell transplant has not put her into remission or allowed her to return to normal life.

    This single case is not an isolated one. The highly aggressive, untreatable cancers in children and young adults of mixed race is observed by Oncologists in large western cities with alarm but celebrated by the media and celebrities. The mixed race person herself identifies with the non white population and promotes non white immigration. What does this tell us? The violation of the natural law by the introduction of alien genes into a population, causes genetic havoc and disease.

    This is Lara's story

  7. Sorry...self-defining as white IS wrong, according to Dr. Peterson.

  8. A story from Australia, of mixed ethnic people unable to get a stem cell match for the treatment of refractory blood cancers

    This time the disparity is between slavic and southern Europeans and the North European descended majority in Australia. The process of stem cell matching is important because it incontrovertibly proves racial and ethnic genetic differences exist and that these differences are biologically incompatible.

  9. Has natural selection always had such a health-negative risk?
    Humans breed dogs for show or specific tasks, not for survival of the fittest. Now, they'd have to learn to survive without us. Dogs are no longer natural, they're man made. Like the thoroughbred horse that wins the major race (some call it the Cripple Crown); they are notoriously prone to injury, even on perfect synthetic surfaces. Many argue it's because they're bred for speed, not for survival. Is this not true?
    Darwin married his first cousin. He had ten children with one wife. Three died very young, three others didn't or couldn't have children. There are lots of variables. Some scientists now argue that consanguinity is not a problem.
    Scientist are notorious for their disagreements. There's a ton of disagreement about mixed race genetics.
    Humans are one species. Would the genetic issues grow worse or would they resolve?
    The problems that confront us as nations of peoples are urgent social and cultural, they're psychological and philosophical and religious. Damage to physiological vigor by race mixing, seems real, but also minor and obscure as you have shown. It is clearly worth investigating and acknowledging.
    I guess it just strikes me as the wrong kind of argument to be making, but not that it shouldn't be made. Too clinical and obscure. Clearly evidence exists, but is all the evidence for cross breeding negative and permanent?
    I don't know. Maybe for some it will have to come down to an argument like this.

  10. "Scientist are notorious for their disagreements. There's a ton of disagreement about mixed race genetics. "

    You are talking nonsense here. Science is not philosophy or psychology and one cannot simply agree or disagree with scientific analysis which is based upon observable measurement and mathematical analysis. A scientist needs to disprove proven fact by demonstrating methodological error or fraud. In most cases this is not easily done. Disagreements about mixed race genetics are ideological and propagandised by the non scientific media written by journalists who do not have even a very basic knowledge of the complex subjects they are trying to cover.

    Humans, birds, dogs are each different species but within each species are different sub species with different characteristics. Therefore the African or Asian is a different sub species of human to the Caucasian with different characteristics. The muscle composition of an African is different to that of other races therefore the genes which code for these differences are the key factor. Temperament and IQ are largely genetically determined, hence genetic population characteristics determine the cultural level which an ethnic group can achieve.

    The DNA of a species is the key to understanding the life of that species whether human, plant, insect or animal. Far from being minor or obscure, it is the most important factor as it underlies the characteristics of the individual which in turn determines the cultural
    features and attainment of an ethnic group. Social and cultural, psychological and philosophical problems are derived from and are therefore secondary to the genetic inheritance of a population. Genetic purity is therefore essential to the preservation of elite races and species whilst inferior races and species may gain some benefits from mixing with an elite race but the trade off is the increased risk of genetic breakdown and early death.

    Race mixing alters the genetic composition of white societies in an irreversible and negative manner and from this follows the physical, psychological, social and cultural consequences which inevitably will lead to the deterioration of the western civilisation.

  11. You are talking nonsense here. That’s not me quoting you.

    What in your made-up world is a subspecies? Is it anything that you say it is? Subordinate to a species, but, still a member of that species? You’re talking gibberish, just like lots of scientists do. Darwin himself couldn’t define “species”, but maybe he wasn’t a real “scientist”.

    Are you a man-made global warming/climate change scientist? One who joins in a so-called (by scientists) scientific “consensus”? Or, are you a scientist that disagrees with the so-called “scientific consensus”? Of the thousands of so-called scientists that participate in the global warming/climate change industry, which ones are using the correct data? Do you know? Is all data good data? Is all data accurate? Is all scientific data and analysis immediately, later, sometimes, always or never disproven by demonstrating methodological error fraud? Is there disagreement about this between scientists or not? Or are you another species or sub species of scientist? Perhaps you have no opinion?

    For you to argue that my assertion that scientists are not notorious for their disagreements, is delusional. You’re in a bubble if you believe that is true.

    You keep making the same point, that you “know” - because you are a scientist - that race mixing is causing genetic problem for whites. You clearly would like race mixing to end.

    OK. If you can read, you know that I conceded to you, much of what you claim.

    I asked you some questions. You answered none. You’ve avoided them. Why?

    You distorted several of the points that I made.

    I question your intellectual honesty. Go back and read what I said and answer my questions.

  12. "What in your made-up world is a subspecies?"

    You obviously need to read a basic text book of biology on the topic of Taxonomy which is the accepted classification of all species. In this classification system, you will see the definition of sub species and note that classifications are hierarchical ie the natural world does not operate on the basis of egalitarianism.

    "For you to argue that my assertion that scientists are not notorious for their disagreements, is delusional. You’re in a bubble if you believe that is true."

    You have not understood my previous comments about scientific dispute. The opposition to climate change,more specifically global warming, and evolution claims that both global warming and evolution of species are political ideologies in which the "science" which backs them is the result of conclusions derived from studies which were either methodologically erroneous or purposely fraudulent. That means that disagreement is demonstrated by error or fraud and not a simple personal dislike of the conclusions.

    If you frame your questions in an intellectually coherent manner, I shall answer them. I cannot respond to questions like this "Humans are one species. Would the genetic issues grow worse or would they resolve? ?" What specific genetic issue are you talking about here and under what situations do you consider exacerbating or ameliorating?

    You evidently have the belief in egalitarian racial mixing, a radical liberal position, and it is therefore surprising why you should read an allegedly conservative website.