Monday, May 08, 2017

France 2017

I wrote a poem about the French election (easier to read if you click the image):


  1. Hi Mark, I prefer to reach a little further beyond France:

    Sameness, upon our shoulders across the seas;
    Where all men may do as they please.
    Where ages are want to diminish and fall,
    Where e'er the lives of us are deigned to crawl.

    Where children abide lifeless from the womb;
    Where carnages do render our cities as tombs.
    Where love points to all else but not where it should;
    And where our lives are not counted as they ought.

    Far beyond ourselves to the thrall of God,
    Therein lay the staff and the rod.
    Therein lay the future of man;
    Therein lay our hope, our peace, our stand.

    Arise! Arise! And forego all your inheritance,
    For beyond these spaces you find your merit.
    Astir! Astir! Forsake your heart beyond yourself,
    To the land that at last shall reclaim our shores.

    1. Hi Mark, sorry, forgot to mention I enjoyed your poem on France. A little short, but still satisfying!

    2. Matt, thanks, not sure I have it in me for longer poems, but we'll see.

  2. This video is very timely:

    This is your fate France if you don't wake up. Germany too, then others.

    Virtue signalling is no virtue: its theft of people's heritage, their past and future.

    The West hangs together or it hangs apart. Like this woman:

    1. The site of this assault is Broward County, Florida. When my dad was born there were less than 5000 people living there. There are twice as many people living in Broward County now, then were counted as living in the whole state of Florida in 1910, more people than in all but 21 of the then 48 states. Broward is now just shy of 2 million.
      Cited as 2010 U.S.Census data, it's said that "4.7% of the population considered themselves to be of only 'American' ancestry (regardless of race or ethnicity)". 31% are said to be foreign born and 49% naturalized citizens. Yet, the population is counted as 42.5% White (non-Hispanic).
      Broward County is an alien nation.
      The fact that this 68 year old woman (who looked to be white) had the notion that she could safely wade in to a large, energized mob of dark skinned "alien" youths partying in the community that she must be stuck living in, as if she thought she'd be shown respect, is an indication of how far we have descended.
      I've often said that Darwin wrongly titled The Descent of Man; that man ascended from the first man, that he didn't descend from an ape. Maybe I'm wrong.
      She had every right to do what she did, just like our innocent and foolish daughters have the right to walk alone, dressed like a prostitute, late at night, in the bar district in typical urban area. This was the act of a brain-dead woman. She entered a no-go zone where no functioning white man would send his mother, wife or daughter. What exactly did this women believe that she was going to accomplish by wading into such a mob?
      This is Darwinian evolution. Whiteness appears to be recessive. We increasingly demonstrate our lack of fitness to survive and we chronicle the events to demonstrate it.
      How did that feckless woman get to a point where she thought that she could safely wade into that party all alone as if she retained an ounce of authority? She may be the longest living resident. She may have been the first to move in to that community. But, she is clearly now brain-dead.
      One alien MAY go to jail. I didn't see one white man in any of the videos about the event.
      Here is a terrific discussion about brain-dead white people:

  3. Not just worthy sentiments, but good poetry.

    Another bankers' man sprung out of nowhere, just like Obama in 2008. Will this one be receiving €400,000 lecture fees in 2026 as reward for his role in skinning the people after the banking collapse of 2017?

    1. Thanks, and yes it's worth noting that he is a "bankers' man sprung out of nowhere" - shows the power of money.

  4. In America, we always have to listen to the nonsense that we are just a proposition nation, an idea, or a melting pot with no culture of its own. But even the liberals who spout that nonsense always looked at France, Spain, Italy, Greece et al. as places that obviously had a distinct culture.

    Now, Macron says "There is no such thing as French culture" and gets elected.

    People need to realize that "globalism" is not all about free trade and other economic issues. It is a cultural attitude of elites who think they are citizens of the world, above the hoi polloi who still are attached to just one country. We have to fight the cultural battle before we can hope to win the economic battles, but Western conservatism was polluted for so long by libertarian ideologues who believe in Homo economicus instead of Homo Sapiens that it will be hard to recover.