Sunday, February 12, 2017

Social media

I've decided to get more involved with social media. First step is Twitter, but there'll be more later. I've put a link in the sidebar, but the Twitter page is here.


  1. Be sure to "get on gab" as well, for reasons outlined "here".

  2. Are you doing this to get more viewers and commenters? Because if that is the case I can start pointing people here, but the level of the comments will go down. And, they'll really go down if you post on social media.

    1. Quantity of comments here is not the primary reason. There is now a larger dissident right audience which is mainly to be reached via social media. I'm about to start publishing books and would like to be able to reach out to this audience. Also, Melbourne Trads went through a growth spurt last year and is in good shape, but we do need to keep growing and this means connecting with people.

      I do understand that on most social media platforms you don't have a lot of quality control when it come to comments/responses - I've decided to live with that. At this site I can moderate comments (very rarely have to at the moment though).

      If you're able to link in some way to the better posts here that would be much appreciated!