Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Hillary: the future is female

So feminists want equality? Really? Then why do they have, as their battle cry, "the future is female"?

Hillary Clinton has just released a video (screenshot below) in which she says "I remain convinced that, yes, the future is female."

How can any self-respecting man consider himself a leftist? Why would you attach yourself to a movement which pits men and women against each other as hostile, competing classes and which then asserts that the future is female?

There is no future for any people which does not take seriously the need for men and women to successfully pair bond and to raise children together. Nor is there a future for any people which does not raise young men to be masculine and to embrace their role of organising to protect the tradition they belong to.

Hillary Clinton is the failed past we have to move beyond, not the successful future.


  1. When you really listen to such a statement, its satanic, and infused with envy and hatred.

    Who would say, the future is male??? And imply that its therefore not female. Whatever that even means. Hillary is such a fundamentally ugly woman.

  2. Remember you wrote a post in which you said Liberals might have an especial contempt for the historically dominant culture in any nation even though their official policy is "all cultures are equal". Perhaps the same thing is going on here.

    1. All cultures and people are equal ... until they're not! XD

  3. The Americans - and the rest of the West, too - dodged a bullet by not getting that dangerous, repellent creature as their new president.

  4. Her lies in the past and what her foundation has ties to doesnt give her any crediblity never before during and especially not now after the election. Gillard clung to the same tactics and desperate victim routine card it never worked for her.

  5. Whatever the future might be it is very unlikely to be female. Feminism reached its high-water mark decades ago. It has been in slow decline ever since. Of all the groups that make up the Coalition of the Fringes the feminists are the most powerless and the most despised. They're at the very bottom of the heap.

    The SJWs have made race the number one issue. And all of their beloved racial victim groups are united by one thing - they don't give a twopenny damn about feminism. In fact most are actively anti-feminist.

    Hillary's Harpies will need to face the unpalatable truth that it is quite likely the US will never have a woman president. One thing is absolutely certain - there will never be a female Democrat president.