Monday, January 11, 2016

Who do the German Greens blame for the Cologne attacks?

The German Greens just don't want to know. German women were assaulted in Cologne by a crowd of young men from North Africa and the Middle-East. So who then is to blame for what happened? Claudia Roth, a Green Vice-President of the German Parliament, refuses to recognise the migrant link and has instead insisted that "this is about male violence". Similarly, another leading Green, Michael Gwosdz, has responded to events in Cologne by claiming that "every man is a potential rapist".

Very easy for the left, ideologically, to shift the blame to all men. They can then refuse to recognise the problem they have helped to bring about.

More positively, there was a demonstration of around 3000 people in Cologne organised by a group called Pegida to protest what happened on New Year's Eve. One of the speakers was an Englishman, Tommy Robinson. I don't know much about his politics, but he was right when he told the protesters:
it is our God-given right and duty to protect our women. It’s what men do.

In a healthy, traditional society men and women are not set against each other they way they are in modern liberal societies. And men do think in terms of "our women," just as women think in terms of "our men" And, yes, the protector role of men is taken seriously.

I also had a quick look at the website of a new German political party, Alternative for Germany. It has two party representatives writing about events in Cologne. Both uncompromisingly reject the open borders policy of Angela Merkel. Frauke Petry, for instance, writes about the Cologne attacks that:
Here we see the terrible consequences of catastrophic asylum and immigration policies in the living reality of Germany in the year 2016...Germany finally needs again a government which is ready to bear responsibility for its own citizens.

Jörg Meuthen writes:
It has become clear how Merkel's naïve "We'll manage it" has plunged our society into a dramatic crisis. The acts of violence on New Year's Eve are the first effects of a dangerous mixture of uncontrolled immigration, obvious government failure, and political suppression of a self-created reality.

Opinion polls do show a steady growth in support for Alternative for Germany over the past few months, roughly doubling from 4.5% to 9.0%. That's nearly one in every ten Germans - which is something of an achievement for a new party. Even so, you would hope that a larger number of Germans might start to question the more established parties, given the radical effects of the current open borders policy.


  1. "it is our God-given right and duty to protect our women."

    Right, yes, but duty?! In this day and age, certainly not. Women have made it very clear how they feel about Western men, who are blamed as the cause of everything evil in the world, and whom women fiercely want to be independent of (at least directly, apparently it's no problem for men to pay the taxes that finance their anti-male lifestyle). In doing all this, the women have squandered the goodwill and the alliance between the sexes, and essentially told men to shove it.

    Men, I'm sure, have taken notice, and a significant part of me has no problem with women experiencing the consequences of that which they themselves have fought so hard to bring about, and I hope that men let it happen.

    If women want to import third-world savages that are likely to rape them, fine - let the savages come, and let them rape women. Women know perfectly well that this will happen, but they encourage it nevertheless, so that means that this is what women want. And men should let it happen and refrain from intervening, out of respect for female autonomy and the logical consequences thereof. Should some women experience a sort of brutal awakening as a result of being raped, well, they can always a) apologize to men and b) ask for their help. But as long as they neither apologize to men nor ask them for help, well, it's pretty obvious they actually enjoy what's happening. And who are Western men to object to that? It's female autonomy in action.

    1. I take a mid way position on this. I think it is wrong for men to follow their protector instinct by always shielding women from the negative consequences of their own destructive choices. This infantilises women and makes them less worthy to be wives. However, I also think that we men have to continue to orient ourselves to our own higher natures. And part of this involves our relationship to women. I personally have suffered as much trauma from women as any other man, but I would be stunting a part of my own self if I didn't continue to try to orient myself in the right way toward women.

      I know that the idea of NAWALT (not all women are like that) gets mocked at times, and it's true that part of the problem is not just that individual women have gone bad but that the culture of womanhood has gone bad. However, some women have resisted the fall of womanhood better than others and continue to merit our defence.

    2. I found an example recently of a woman who understands that open border policies are putting women in danger. Her name is Anna Chapman and she has an active twitter feed. Her politics seem to be at the more conservative end of Republicanism.

    3. Anne Marie Waters likewise is very clear on where the real threat to her safety comes from:

      Western women will be sacrificed at the altar of mass migration

  2. Tommy Robinson is a leading anti-Islamisation, anti-Jihad activist, former leader of the English Defence League. Views are similar to 'Gates of Vienna' blog. You may see him called a racist/white nationalist, but he's not - his group sees Sikhs, Hindus etc as allies vs Islam. They also support the defence of postmodern Western Liberal values probably more than most traditionalists would be happy with, but I think more in a context of we Westerners should be free to determine the shape of our own culture rather than have Islamic norms imposed on us.

  3. Tommy Robinson used to be anti-Islam, but he unexpectedly sold out to the pro-Islamic Quilliam Foundation a few years back. God knows what kind of views he currently holds, but he's lost all his credibility in my eyes.

  4. Similarly a mass sexual assault has been covered up in Sweden, where police (and the Press) were accused of failing to report the extent of sexual assaults against teenage girls from August last year (coming to light now after the Cologne incidents). When the local paper Dagens Nyheter reported the crimes, the excuse by police officials, for not reporting and publicly announcing the crimes was that: "...for fear of playing into the hands of the far-right Sweden Democrats, an anti-immigration party..."

    For the full story see:

    Every excuse under the sun is being rolled out in an attempt to avoid accountability and culpability. So the officials were more concerned about giving ammunition to the conservative party than they were about the well-being of the victims.