Tuesday, January 05, 2016

1000 young immigrant men attack German women in Cologne

News is coming through of events in the Germany city of Cologne on New Year's Eve. A group of 1000 men of North African origin gathered near the main railway station, threw firecrackers into the crowd and then used the disturbance to rob the locals and to sexually assault a large number of German women. There appear to have been at least 35 sexual assaults. Cologne's police chief described it as "a completely new dimension of crime".

The incident is now being reported in the mainstream media. You can find reports here, here and here.

Update: According to the latest reports, there were 2000 men of north African origin involved; similar incidents have occurred in Hamburg and Stuttgart; and a town councillor has warned that the areas around the main railway station and the famous cathedral in Cologne should now be considered "no-go" areas.


  1. This is a well organised Jihad. I think in historical terms, it is not a new phenomenon, but has occurred in every society which has been subject to mass Muslim invasion. Think of Malaysia, Indonesia and Afghanistan which were all Buddhist and Hindu countries before the violence of the Muslim invasion forced their submission to Islam.

  2. Sheesh, looks like you've been busy of late with this blog.
    Just read this story 5 minutes ago and thought you may have covered it, but wanted to check nonetheless.

  3. There will be a Backlash and the muslims and tgeir u.n.communists wont like it ,as Corporal Jones used to say " they wont like it up em "

  4. I wonder what political parties these women have voted for, and what their immigration policies are. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that many of the women just got what they asked (i.e. voted) for... If so, do they really deserve much sympathy?