Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Marital happiness and partner count

Researchers at the University of Virginia have found that a woman's marital happiness decreases the more sexual partners that she has before marriage:
According to  new research by the National Marriage Project, more than half of married women who had only ever slept with their future husband felt highly satisfied in their marriage.

But that percentage dropped to 42 per cent once the woman had had pre-marital sex with at least two partners. It dropped to 22 per cent for those with ten or more partners.

The researchers surmise that this might be due to women with a high partner count judging their husbands according to their experiences with other men; or because it means that women with a high partner count will have experienced multiple break ups and therefore be more jaded about relationships.


  1. A small study of just over 1000 people cannot demonstrate anything conclusively but the surmised statements of the researchers at the end are more insightful and simply repeat facts which have been known and understood by most cultures for thousands of years. Relationship breakups disillusion women and turn them against men. This is why traditional cultures in which the family is the central social institution do not permit pre- marital relationships between men and women and the Biblical concept of marriage is of two virgins entering into a sacrament.

    1. Given women initiate divorce more often, I suggest this is a somewhat more complex issue. As much as I disdain the nihilism of Game Theory, the Gamists are right insofar as women's rebellion is probably a function of male weakness and abdication from the leadership role.

    2. Western marriages, in which the husband is often selected by the wife and cajoled into the marriage, are an inversion of the traditional order. A man who passively waits to be chosen by a woman is submitting to her control and can never take up the role of leadership of the family. The result is the feminised family with overly dominant woman leader and passive, docile man child. Whilst women go along with this in order to achieve the marital status, they soon lose respect for the man child to whom they cannot show respect let alone obedience. The result is contempt and divorce. This is an inevitable outcome as the whole set up is an inversion of the traditional order.

  2. They like to compare and would like to take the best piece of every lover and mold it into her husband. Obviously women can't do that so they are screwed.