Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Even more curious

There have been some more immigration sceptical articles published in the left-wing Fairfax press. One concerns immigration fraud:
Hundreds of pages of leaked confidential departmental documents obtained by Fairfax Media reveal that Australia's national security is being compromised by wide-scale visa rorting and migration rackets operating with impunity, including some with links to terrorism or organised crime.

Secret departmental operations have estimated that as many as nine in 10 skilled migrant visas may be fraudulent, while an internal inquiry into Afghan visa applicants in 2012 assessed that more than 90 per cent of cases contained "fraud of some type" and raised "people smuggling, identity fraud, suspected child trafficking and national security implications".

Also, a 2010 report reveals that immigration investigators had uncovered a Somali people-smuggling cell in Melbourne linked to terrorist suspect Hussein Hashi Farah, who "is believed to have links to the al-Qaeda offshoot al-Shabab" and who fled Kenyan counterterrorism officials using an Australian passport in 2010.

The other is by businessman Dick Smith pointing out that endless population growth is likely to affect living standards negatively:
Mr Smith said, left unchecked, Australia's population would hit “80 to 100 million by the end of the century if we keep growing”.

He said that kind of perpetual growth would only serve wealthy Australians, while the majority of the population would suffer a decline in living conditions and be worse off.

“The cake is a certain size, mainly coming from our mineral reserves and our primary production from farming, and double the population, I believe everyone's worth half as much,” he said.

Again, interesting that this is happening at Fairfax.


  1. We've been saying this all along, for years, but we won't get even a passing muted acknowledgment for our efforts in constantly warning these Muppets what they themselves are only now "discovering" on their own. In their eyes, we will always be the "extremists", even after we're all proven 100% correct. An example from the UK: the name of Enoch Powel is still taboo in polite society, even after the horrors of liberalism have seen a decapitation in a sun-drenched London street. That man deserves a monument, not condemnation. Some ten years ago, if ever I encountered an opinion that our political and business elites were "treasonous", I'd roll my eyes thinking that that was hyperbole. But today I honestly cannot put it any differently myself.

  2. I stand by the simplest explanation, that this is just leftwing gloating. All but the most indoctrinated leftwinger knows full well what their radical mass immigration policies would do to Australia and the west.

  3. We wouldn't need immigration at the level it is at if existing residents (white and black) would give up on having the latest geegaw and start investing in children and having families again.

    We survived with a vastly smaller population and people could afford to live on one income. Now every carpetbagger out there gouges us with overblown prices and every indolent individual can chose welfare as a lifestyle choice, sucking the tax $$$ out of the productive.

    These may seem like conflicting points but think further. Larger families, less welfare, cheaper prices, less rampant consumerism. It can work, it is simply that very few like the idea. We could still have immigration but truly balanced and directed, not the undisciplined inrush we currently have.

    1. Raising a family isn't that simple. You don't just need money you need a stable income. Many people don't want to start families because they lack job stability.

      The stable nuclear family is declining because the stable economic situation on which is based is also declining. This is precisely why big business interests promote liberal causes like feminism - they want people's living habits to parallel those of the economy.

      If the woman makes more money the man stays at home, unskilled workers shouldn't get married as this will make it harder for them to move around to find work, women should get equal pay for high status jobs to encourage more of them into the workforce, lower-middle class men should move into manual trades and leave more white collar jobs for smarter upper-middle class women, etc, etc.

      It's all worked out according to economic calculations.

  4. @Anonymous 20:42:00
    I hope you mean Aborigines when you say black...

  5. The biggest problem with immigration is that not all immigration is equal, and we're not allowed to say that. I'm sure I won't get many people here reject a claim that 1 million immigrants from Europe would not hurt our country as much as 1 million immigrants from Somalia.
    One only has to look at our wonderful new Australians to see what their plans are for Australia, and it's not to help build a better Australia for all.
    The problem is that it's not PC to point these things out. If we are to continue allowing hundreds of thousands of people into our country every year, it needs to be weighted so as to not flood our country with belligerent people whose main goal is to spread their own faith, live off our benefits system (they laugh at us for our generosity!) and have as many children as they can. Before long we'll have what France and Sweden has, which is enclaves residing in areas that will be deemed unsafe for natural born citizens. Is that the future we want for our children?
    Don't kid yourself that if white people were having lots of children that the government would slow immigration. The larger our population gets, the smaller the percentage 500k immigrants would represent. The leftists I talk to are always talking about immigration in terms of percentage of our population and how it's dropping. The percentage sometimes drops because once they're here they're counted as 'locals'.
    What Australia needs to do is to show our population as a percentage of natural born vs first generation immigrants and point the finger back at other countries clucking their tongues trying to pressure us to take more 3rd world immigrants and show how hypocritical they are that their overall population doesn't have anywhere near the same diluted mix.