Thursday, February 21, 2013

Upcoming Eltham Traditionalists get together

We're having our next Eltham Traditionalists meeting in the coming week, so I thought it was a good time to publish the following message I received from one of the regular attendees:
Dear Mark Richardson,

I'm pleased to know that the first Conservative Get Together of 2013 has been scheduled. I know that some wonder what we get up to, so I thought I would write this to encourage anyone sitting on the sidelines and in Melbourne to get involved. We talk about what made us a Conservative. We talk about politics, both international and Australian. We talk about our lives and what we've been up to recently. We talk about random stuff, wine, floods, history, Eltham. We talk about Liberalism in everyday life. At the last meeting we had someone mention that he sees Liberalism on the roads everyday in the selfish attitude many have when driving, with no sense that we are all a part of society and not just individuals.

We also have a drink, soft drink, wine, beer as you like. We eat a meal, reasonably priced and we talk. Nothing formal, very civilized conversation, no agenda (pun intended) just soldiers in a long war seeking fellowship before we go out and rejoin the fight. If you haven't been along I know I'd like to meet you so put aside an evening and join us.

Mark M
We managed to get a bit of momentum going at the end of last year and it would be great to continue this in 2013. There are number of traditionalist groups starting to make an appearance in various places. There is the Sydney Trads group, the Traditional Britain Group, and perhaps too the Generation Identitaire group in France.

As Mark M points out in his message, the get togethers are an enjoyable, informal way to get the ball rolling, but they serve an important function of getting to an important next stage. I do believe that it is encouraging to a wider audience if traditionalist groups are able to form in various places, rather than just having an internet presence.

So if any Melbourne readers have been tossing up whether to come along or not, I'd encourage you to email me at

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