Friday, May 11, 2012

Dr Jordan Peterson - asking the right questions

Here's a good find. There's a Canadian professor called Dr Jordan Peterson who appears on a Toronto TV station. Dr Peterson has worked as a Harvard professor and now teaches at the University of Toronto.

What I like about his videos is that he asks the right questions, which is something rare now amongst Western intellectuals. I'll post a few of his videos in coming weeks, but the first one is about the gender neutralisers in Sweden:

After summarising the efforts by Swedish liberals to abolish gender distinctions he responds by asking questions like:
  • What if gender roles...represent ideals to aspire to?
  • What if it's too much to ask each child to be a good girl and a good boy at the same time?
  • What if such virtues cannot initially be developed without specialisation?

They're the kind of questions that deserve to be raised but are not often heard.


  1. Very good clip. I'm surprised he was that direct. I watch the Agenda. Steve Paikin (not shown), is a reasonable guy but (likely due to interviewing so many lefty's) he tends to couch his words. He seems to be somewhere in the middle in terms of social/political views. This is nevertheless progress considering the airwaves are dominated by the Left.

    Sweden's experiment will fail...and will need ever more government intervention to 'fix' the 'genders' (really messing with biology here).

    When the Muslims take over Sweden and impose Sharia law I'll be one of the first to laugh and say "I told you so"...

    - Abaddon

  2. This guy's on Ontario public TV. Why don't we in the States have sane voices on public TV anymore. (Used to have Bill Buckley but now he's dead.)

  3. That was an excellent little clip. There is nothing like that in the US.

    Just discovered your blog via VFR. good show!