Monday, May 14, 2012

Dr Jordan Peterson 2

Here's another video of Dr Jordan Peterson. What I find interesting is that he is willing to think through the long term consequences of modern social trends and that he also thinks about what it takes to hold together a social fabric.

That's a bit unusual. Liberal intellectuals usually start off with an idea of what, in their world view, is just and in what ways society can be reformed in line with their concept of justice. It's either assumed that society will cope with such "reforms" or that any fall-out can be dealt with as it happens. So there's not much focus on the health of the larger social entity.

So it's refreshing to hear someone who is willing to point out that things can go belly up.


  1. Thought you might find this interesting.

    It's an interview on bloggingheads of Jonathan Haidt the liberal psychology professor who wrote that book about the differences in morality between liberals and conservatives.

  2. He speaks the truth.

    As I wrote, any society that only wants the taxes of my labor, yet shames and marginalizes me and cripples me for what I am can die.

  3. Jim,

    But we also need a positive focus. What are we setting out to achieve? How are we going to get there?

  4. Jordan Peterson's Lecture series called 'Maps of Meaning' is an outstanding lecture series.

    So are his lectures --google him on the internet---(see 'There's no such thing as a dragon', and 'A neuropsychological reason why you may be Christ')

  5. Mark, it's going to get worse before it gets better. Those that believe in the progressive agenda are not to be dealt with soft hands but hard fists. The reason we are in the here and now and dealing with this insanity is because of letting them get their way and hoping they'd be content enough to stop. How's that working for you these days?

    Any man that votes for progressives or liberal agendas is a tool that cannot be reasoned with, compromised, spoken to with logic, or rationality. They are too far gone. And any woman that sits by while a full on WAR ON MEN takes places and uses it to further her own cause is the enemy of all men. These people will not stop. Do you not get that? And when comes down to it, they will eliminate you and not directly; but indirectly via laws, taxation, regulation and everything else that's been used.

    Think long and hard about that. In the US, there isn't a war on women, there's a war on men and specifically white men. There is a backlash coming and it won't be pretty. Right now with the media covering up black on white crimes and other such matters, there will come a day when a lot of us say enough is enough. There's no voting in reason anymore when the left is fully entrenched in all aspects of society and openly lies without care.

  6. Ha.. nice to see other people appreciating Jordan Peterson. I'm Canadian, and started becoming interested in Jordan Peterson's views after catching him on the television station TVO debating those particularly obnoxious militant anti-religious atheists. I wouldn't call myself a believer but I have respect for religious tradition, and am not convinced at all that humanity would be better off without religion.

    I've also recently discovered the manosphere, and once again, found myself agreeing with many of Jordan Peterson's views about gender relations and social/cultural issues like marriage and promiscuity in the West. He sees an unfolding disaster taking place in the West and is one of the few public figures who is willing to argue against the permissive, liberal and feminist orthodoxy here in Canada. And believe me, liberalism and feminism have a complete stranglehold on public debate, so for him to say the things he does as does in the above video requires a lot of courage and willing to take a lot of abuse from Canadian feminists.

    Anyway, if you're interested, here are some links to programs Jordan Peterson has appeared on:

    1) TVO - The Agenda: The Meaning of Man:

    2) TVO - Your Agenda Insight:The Growing Divide

    3) TVO - The Agenda: YouTube, Actions and Consequences

    4) TVO - The Agenda: Is Faith Inevitable?

    5) TVO - The Agenda: Advertising Atheism

    Those are some of the more memorable appearances by Jordan Peterson that I can think right now.. enjoy!