Monday, December 26, 2011

A stormy Christmas

Well, that was a Christmas to remember. My family had a family lunch in the south-eastern suburbs and drove back to Eltham in the north-eastern suburbs in the early evening.

As we drove in it became clear the suburb had been hit hard by storms. In one suburban street a car had been swept into the middle of the road, sleepers holding in garden beds dislodged, a boulder had been pushed out of a garden and onto the road and fences had been pushed over. Damage caused, presumably, by a flash flood.

At home everything made of hard plastic in our back yard had been smashed through by the hail stones. Our neighbour's garage was flooded and his skylights broken. But being on high ground we escaped relatively lightly.

Hailstones from yesterday's storms


  1. The west got it good as well. Numerous holes in the pergola and my vehicle looking like a golf ball. I'll be checking for cracked roofed tiles when I get the chance.

  2. Anon, sorry to hear about the car - mine was spared somehow even though I had it out in the street.

  3. Got 8cm hailstones out in Greensborough, my brother is crying over his newly dimpled performance car as we speak.