Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rudd off the record

Former PM Kevin Rudd was out walking in Sydney the other day. A group of journalists sitting in a bar saw him and beckoned him over. They asked him what he thought of Julia Gillard's pledge in a recent speech that "Labor says yes to the future". He flipped the bird, laughed and said "F*** the future."

Interesting that that's what popped into his mind as a humorous response.


  1. I think he was just showing his frustration at not being in charge.

    The man has proven himself capable of more than a little control freakery.

  2. All pollies in the western world think "fuck the future" they have no accountability. They ruin the society, get a gold card at the end of it and if the country is really run down they just hop to a safe haven.

  3. Considering the future that the left has in mind, a not unreasonable sentiment.

    "I've seen the future, brother: it is murder."

  4. Leftist pols say f**k the future AND f**k the past. It's all about self-gratification right now! Vote for me and I'll provide that gratification!

  5. The comments here show that at least a few voters understand the nature of politics and politicians!! Look, for example, at what the British Labour party did to the United Kingdom - shafted the country (specially England) good and proper.

    Then along come the "CONservative" party to finish the job.

    Repeated by their counterparts in Australia and New Zealand. Both to eventually lose their identities as Anglosphere Western world countries. (The West being a bit more than just a "lifestyle".)