Friday, September 09, 2011

Juliet Jeske: Why me?

Juliet Jeske is an American comedienne. She worked most recently with a sketch comedy group Turn Left as part of a "Laughing Liberally" series. This series is described as follows:

"Laughing Liberally: This Ain't No Tea Party" mixes humor, musical numbers, video, and political satire to spread understanding of liberal ideas, advance progressive values and provoke the Tea Party ..."Laughing Liberally" proves liberals do indeed do it better.

"Laughing Liberally" is a political comedy project that entertains you while promoting progressive ideas. Comedy is something the Left does better than the Right - so let's use it!

OK, like many comedians she's a left-liberal. The problem is that liberalism has left her life in a very serious mess. Two years ago her husband left her. She became depressed, went on medication and has just recently tried dating again. But she can't cope with the new hook up dating culture. She has written a column for the Huffington Post describing the pressure to hook up when dating men (it's worth reading here).

She writes that she wants something more traditional. What she wants is the love and security of marriage and the chance to be a mother. She feels that she has been robbed of this by her divorce:

I was cheated of the chance of having children and being a mother. I know I might still have time left, but dating at age 38 is difficult as half of the eligible men already have children and don’t want more. And in my current state I couldn’t afford to raise a child on my own, as I can barely take care of myself. There are times on the subway or in the park that even the sight of a young mother with her child will send me spiraling. Suddenly tears come from nowhere and I can’t make them stop. Why is she so lucky to have the one thing that I will never get to experience? I am constantly told that I shouldn’t give up hope but I haven’t been able to sustain a relationship for any length of time and every other man who I find compatible is already a father and doesn’t want more children. I had to end therapy because literally every single session was the same conflict, the same fear, the same resentment over probably losing the chance to be a parent. When my therapist suggested I go back on medication, and then tried to get me to justify what I consider a fairly innate human desire to procreate I couldn’t take it anymore and ceased the sessions.

What's interesting, though, is that Juliet Jeske hasn't really reconsidered her politics. She writes:

My politics are liberal, but my personal life is extremely conservative ...Which is sort of why the divorce has been so difficult. My marriage gave me support, stability, a companion that I loved very deeply and most importantly a sense of calm.

I don't think she's correct to describe her personal life as extremely conservative. Still, her politics don't match up with the values that are important to her own life. She is betraying what is most important to her (marriage and motherhood) with the politics she chooses to follow.

It's a disconnect that is shared by so many in the West. There are so many Westerners earnestly preaching a liberal politics they picked up at high school and uni despite the fact that it will undermine what they hold to be good in their own lives.

I've watched a few videos of Juliet Jeske doing stand up comedy. She adopts the mocking tone of the radical leftist and she poses as a sexual radical. She wants to shock and to tear down and to dissolve standards and yet at the same time she wants the very traditional goods of a stable marriage, a hard working husband who will provide material security and motherhood. And when both don't come together she asks "Why me?"


  1. I live in a town in the southern US where many move to that are from places like NY. The women come here with their militant feminism and way out there liberalism and then follow the same path as Jeske when the time comes for Mr. Right and kids. Only to complain that there are no descent men left. But what they don't realize is not only has liberalism caused their market values to plunge, but their lack of forward thinking and how they treat men, especially those that are looking for commitment as nothing more that dog crap has turned many of us away.

    What's even more frightening is to hear and read at what these women tell of their lives. What man in his right mind wants a woman who admits to such things as having sex with married men, making a porn flick, group sex, just whatever? And they are proud of it. That is the typical liberal women guys.

    Another point to add is I remember approaching a woman some time ago in a bar and only said hi to her. Her response, and this will never be forgotten was and I quote, "f--- off bitch". You can thank the likes of Jeske for that attitude and why many men have given up.

    Too bad that those such as Jeske do more harm to women in the long run by lacking the critical thinking to realize that trying to fit into a liberal world will end up making them into lonely liberals.

  2. "Why me?"

    Why not you?

  3. And when both don't come together she asks "Why me?"

    Pretty much. Not only is it illogical but unnatural as well. Sometime during the run the beliefs will dictate the actions. Sooner or later you can't "have it all" and you can't avoid the consequences of what you sign up for. You have to talk the talk and walk the walk.

  4. I don't think she's correct to describe her personal life as extremely conservative.

    Agreed 100%. What a foolish chick.

  5. Why is it funny when men dress like women but not the other way around?

  6. My husband was gay, that is what ended my marriage. I am an unsigned, unknown author that was not paid for my submission to the Huffington Post. That you would chose this forum to attack me, a non-celebrity, a unpaid blogger, is really sad on your part. I bet my article was probably read by more people that will ever read this blog. Why don't you talk about your beliefs without personally attacking another person. How very moral of you to do something like this. More evidence of the hypocrisy of those who call themselves so morally superior.

  7. He who is without sin shall cast the first stone? Yes, you are hardly judgmental on here? As if. Why don't you just blog about a topic without tearing down a total stranger.

  8. Jeske: It could be the purpose of your life is to be a negative example. I'm trying to give you hope. Embrace it.

  9. Juliet,

    The only criticism I made was that there seems to be a disconnect between what's important to you in your life (marriage, motherhood) and your politics (an anti-traditionalist left-liberalism). I pointed out that this was not something unique to you, but a more generalised phenomenon in the West.

  10. Juliet there are many more comedians/actresses from Hollywood on this site then you think.

    I, the shrieking anonymous, yell at Mark all the time :) But basically he is right. Please ignore the mysognist men who comment here. They are not representative of Mark's message.

    First off, You didn't get Paid???? What type of shit are they pulling at HuffPo?

    Here's the deal. Let's ignore the gay husband thing, as that is a tragedy.

    If getting married/having children/having a stable family life is more important than the New York Theatre/Second City/Groundlings Comedy Scene.

    Then we (traditional conservatives) are the people you should be hanging out with.

    It's just that simple. Remember what Tina Fey said "Hollywood ain't going to go to lunch with you when your 60, but my daughter will" or something like that.

    The overall message of Mark is that the highest percentage of Stable, Good Father Material Men frankly are turned off by the "NY City Girl Liberal" Mindset, as that mindset is anti-male and anti-morals.

    Stay around, comment and cuss Mark out. He's a good guy and he'll talk things through with you :)

    If you want to move to Europe and learn a foreign language I could have you married to a 6'0 guy by the end of the week.

  11. Liberals aren't funny.

    Women aren't funny.

    Liberal women really, really aren't funny.

  12. More evidence of the hypocrisy of those who call themselves so morally superior.

    Um, Juliet, I know that the biggest sin in the liberal lexicon is hypocrisy but the fact of the matter is, a conservative man who contends liberal beliefs left your life in a mess is not being a hypocrite. If he advocated traditionalism while living like a liberal that would be hypocrisy, but that's not what he's doing.

    In short: your accusation FAILS.

  13. I had a peak at her article and any sympathy for her plight pretty much evaporated after the first sentence.

    Since I left my husband

    I might have had some sympathy for her position, inspite of the obvious disconnect as you point out between what she wants and what she espouses, but how can she expect any sympathy at this point.

    She ditched her husband by her own admission. She dug this whole she finds herself in.

    But like most leftists, clearly her own actions and the consequences of those actions can't possible be her fault.

    What is wrong with these people?


  14. The woman in the bar said "Fuck off bitch."?!? Wow, what a sad, sorry person she was. Also, words like that from a man can get them their teeth knocked out but she was using her female sex as protection. Another example of a woman trying to have it both ways.

  15. I bet my article was probably read by more people that will ever read this blog.

    LOL, so what does it say about you that you feel compelled to come and comment in this blog? Two words: pathetically needy.

    Yes, you are hardly judgmental on here?

    As usual, liberals don't have the first clue how conservatives think. Got news for you - conservatives don't accept all that liberal drivel about being "tolerant" and "non-judgmental". Therefore accusing a conservative of being "judgmental" has no effect. He'll just say, "Yes, I am, what about it?"

    In fact, one of the important purposes of life is to develop and exercise good judgment. You are a case study in what happens when one does not achieve this objective.

  16. The wish to have a baby and procreate is an obvious human desire, and its perfectly acknowledged within conservative or traditional ideas. The idea that your psychologist would question this gives you a good insight into the political workings of liberalism. We have a desire for independence , self reliance, and self creation put forward through a denial of older authorities, all raised to extremes and put over the basic wish of reproduction. If the ideas should clash you're asked to "justify why you should want to have a baby", in an atmosphere where the onus is very much on you to buck a deemed consensus. Furthermore you're in a fairly vulnerable position in such an environment because people won't go to a shrink unless they're experiencing problems.

    Keep in mind the next time a liberal/lefty quasi official tries to tell you that the obvious isn't so, and that you have to totally change your thinking to conform with a bizarre ideal, remember that they're there “to help".

  17. The majority of modern westerners can no longer understand the correlation of cause & effect. They have been so thoroughly conditioned in the schools & universities & by their favourite television programmes, that nothing can get through to them. They've ceased to think beyond what is absolutely necessary for survival (things such as not playing with poisomous snakes, not walking into the middle of a busy street &c.) As for the rest, history, philosophy &c. they haven't any interest in such things. They'd much rather be entertained by the latest rubbish on television, whilst eating McDonald's slop. This is why they are unable to understand that it is illogical to desire one thing for themselves whilst simultaneously holding to a belief which inevitably will prevent them ever attaining it. They don't understand that beliefs give rise to actions, & that actions have consequences. They prefer to indulge in magical thinking. The mental processes of many westerners are strikingly similar to those of the jungle savages encountered in Africa during the 19th century. They didn't try to aim their muskets, they would instead close their eyes & imagine the bullet striking their enemy as they pulled the trigger. Needless to say their fire was for the most part ineffective. Such people were far better off having the British or French or Portuguese rule them. If left to themselves they'd quickly revert to living in grass huts & eating each other. What has all this got to do with the topic at hand? Well, just as those savages were better off having someone else rule them, being largely incapable of doing so themselves, so modern westerners who intensely dislike thinking things out for themselves have turned to the television to do their thinking for them. They understand instinctively that someone ought to be thinking things through, they would just prefer that that someone not be themselves. They're too busy gratifying themselves & being entertained, to be burdened with the onerous task of engaging in an activity they find hateful. The television says that you may do as you please, be as rabid a Marxist as you want to be, & everything will turn out well enough in the end. The television says that actions have no consequences. Things may appear to be taking a turn for the worse, but in the end the cavalry will ride to your rescue. They don't consider themselves to have any responsibility for their own safety. Unfortunately those who control the schools & universities & who broadcast the television programmes( a very appropriate word, as most modern people get their ideas of what constitutes proper behaviour from them, they are "programmed" as it were) most certainly haven't got their best interests at heart. Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in his book Between Two Ages, that this would come to pass, that future generations would let their televisions do their thinking for them, & that the imposition of a scientific world dictatorship would be made considerably easier because of it. Power is the name of the game. The implications of the decadence we see in modern western society, the societal breakdown, the declining intelligence of the masses, go far beyond failed marriages & affirmative action. This is a struggle of light against darkness, God against satan. Sadly most westerners have chosen darkness rather than light. They don't care what becomes of the magnificent civilization bequeathed to them by their ancestors who were better men, or of what becomes of their children, or even of themselves, just so long as they can gratify themselves without restraint & wallow in filth. The wrath of God is coming. When it falls it will crush the pride of modern man like a cockroach. There will be few left to rebuild Christendom. Our Lady of Fatima pray for us.

  18. "you are hardly judgmental on here?"

    I am judgmental all the time. I make judgments based on past experiences and information received.

    Anyone who does not is a fool and would probably not see their 18th birthday.

    I know so many women who hate it when I am "Jugmental" who then turn around 5 minutes later whispering insults about a passing girl's fashion choice.

  19. Who on earth stays married for eight years without children, barring medical conditions?

  20. Shrieking Anonymous here....

    All you men who are insulting this girl have no idea of the reality of being a liberal actress and You all sound like cruel heartless idiots.

    This is why the left wins. The left is the siren song of claps, applause, encouragement. All the while knowing that the end result is despair.

    Juliet has been in theater for 20 years of her life. She hasn't ever been Exposed To Us.


    Who has been more devastating to your life?

    The left gave you a stage, the left gave you applause, the left gave you cute costumes. The left gave you just enough encouragement and acting jobs to get you by and give you hope over the last 20 years.

    But in the end....The left used you to Promote Their Message knowing the entire time that you would die childless. You didn't get fame, you don't have a memorable career, and you don't get a family.

    You basically have spent your life being a soldier for the enemy, and now at the end as you lay dying, the enemy walks over you and laughs.

    You helped them win, and they got rid of you. Two birds with one stone.

    What has the conservative right done to you personally?

    Nothing (other than some of the jerks on this blog)

    I think this is your one shot. To ask yourself why you hate Conservatives. To ask yourself why you hate Tea Party people (they are just people raising families who can't afford any more that so wrong?) To ask yourself Who is Your True Friend?

    Trying to understand us is your one shot.

    I suggest you take it. We've never hurt you, and though we talk bluntly, it's better to hear the truth, then to have someone push you over a cliff while having a smile on their face.

  21. @Anon 7:20pm,

    So I guess when other people tell the truth they are heartless idiots and jerks, but when you do it, it's just blunt talk from a True Friend? Uh huh.

  22. so what does it say about you that you feel compelled to come and comment in this blog?

    She can smell the testosterone through the interwebs.

  23. Our Lady of Fatima Anonymous 10:02:00

    As far as I'm aware, you have posted two long pieces in the comments section of this blog.

    And I agree with 98% of what you write.

    One small quibble though: please consider separating your prose into paragraphs for easier consumption.

    Thank you.

  24. @Juliet
    First no 'attacked' you. They simply made comments with which you do not agree.

    I don't understand how a commedienne, such as yourself, can fail to see you public comments as being fair game for others to publicly discuss. Would you have it that only those who agree and support your decisions can discuss what you have written & made available TO THE PUBLIC? If you don't want other to discuss your private life, the keep it private.

    Mr. Richardsoin & others come to a different conclusion about why you find yourself in this unfortunate situation. That you & your fellow travelers lack to ability to discern how your political choices affect your private life boggles the mind. Especially considering how liberal philosophy relates to the reason for the breakup of your marriage.

    The only explanation must be the sunk-cost fallacy. You've given your best years to an impossible fantasy called liberalism so rather than get out when things go south you hope & pray that your continued commitment to be progressive will eventually pay off when all the 'good men' catch with you.

    I'm very sorry that you were hoodwinked by the radical feminists into belive that gender differences can be made not to matter. Your pain is felt by many other who fell for that fable as well.

  25. Anonymous 9:08 PM

    Conservative Women can smell Bitter Man Misogynist Shark Bait a mile away.

    Juliet can too.

    "women aren't funny"--say that one to Lucille Ball

    Jason didn't read her post about the husband

    Continental Op was simply an ass in his reply to her

    Someone called her natural instinct to defend herself "pathetically needy"

    Seriously, You guys are dancing on her grave like the Left is.

    At least the left hides it better.

    This is all part of the 'white trash' syndrome of White Nordics.

    White Nordics would rather rip their own people instead of going after the heart of the problem.

    "I hate liberal women" (even though genetically they are your own)
    "I hate white trash" (even though genetically they are your own)

    We should all want Juliet to have a child, because her child most likely would be one of us. My mom's a raging Obama supporter and I'm the extreme right.

    So yes, I genuinely want her to achieve her goal of motherhood. If she doesn't have a child it's a Loss For All of Us.

  26. And it's not too late for Juliet.

  27. And the truth...

    No woman in the position Juliet is in right now.

    Wants to be criticized by men.

    You guys have to temper your comments accordingly based upon that simple biological fact.

  28. @Anon 12:37

    She doesn't want to be criticized by anyone. Never the less, her poor choices led her down this path.

    She is very pretty. I imagine in her prime 15 years ago, even more so. She chose not to pursue family life when she could with a family minded guy. Instead she chose a likeminded progressive husband.

    It may be too late for her to have kids but perhaps she could serve as an object lesson to young women to prioritize marriage & children rather than the bright lights, applause & ego boosts of a prestigious career. Much like Monica Lewinsky can serve as a "what not to do" example and have a positive effect.

  29. I've watched a few videos of Juliet Jeske doing stand up comedy. She adopts the mocking tone of the radical leftist and she poses as a sexual radical. She wants to shock and to tear down and to dissolve standards

    Why do so many people on the left think that being shocking and offensive (or attempting to be so at any rate) is the same thing as being funny?? I see this all the time, the left has a very defective sense of humor. What sort of person thinks that likening George Bush to a monkey is the very apex of hilarity? But lefty laughter is simlar to lefty humour - it has a nasty, derisive tone to it but no discernible amusement.

    The whole point of lefty "comedy" is to sneer and jeer.

  30. Anonymous - ”No woman in the position Juliet is in right now.
    Wants to be criticized by men.“

    And, I’m fairly certain that members of the Tea Party who are struggling to get by in a tough economy and want a better system of governance don’t really want to be criticized by smug, self-righteous liberal women. I doubt that Juliet will take that into consideration as she continues on her “mission” to ”advance progressive values and provoke the Tea Party”. I’ll bet she continues to be just as judgmental and condescending as always.

    ”You guys have to temper your comments accordingly based upon that simple biological fact.”

    Why is that? Is it because the “strong and empowered” leftists-feminist is going to be hurt by words? How pathetic is that?

    Now, I can feel sympathy for Juliet Jeske. She has ended up deprived of the opportunity to have children, something that she seems to have truly desired, even if she didn’t recognize it soon enough. And, she was deceived by her ex-husband who hid his homosexuality from her until very late in the fertility game (for her).

    But, then again, she chose to marry and stay with a man who, although he was dishonest about his sexuality, must have given off obvious indications that he wasn’t going to be willing to ever have children with her.

    In fact, it was likely her strong leftist-liberal ideals that lead her to hook up with him in the first place, as they would have had similar social-political ideologies. She chose to pursue being a foot soldier for the leftist causes (no doubt including numerous “gay issues”) first-and-foremost, suppressing her desire to have and raise a family.

    So, I find myself in agreement with Mark Richardson regarding her apparent “disconnect” between the soft-conservative life-style she professes to want, and the hard-core leftist activism she willfully engages in (which simply cannot avoid being anti-family and anti-traditional).

    But, she had free will to choose her path in life, and she did just that. It’s sad for her, but choices have consequences.

  31. I empathize with her situation, but I don't really understand it. Even the RCC would give you an annulment for marrying a homosexual who refuses to give you any children. That's an obviously fraudulent contract.

    Why is that? Is it because the “strong and empowered” leftists-feminist is going to be hurt by words? How pathetic is that?


  32. Alte - "DHMIAG"


    Either that just flew right over my head, or did you drop your coffee cup on your keyboard?

  33. "women aren't funny"--say that one to Lucille Ball

    Sure, no problem! Lucille Ball isn't funny at all.

    But don't take it from me, take it from Christopher Hitchens.

    Someone called her natural instinct to defend herself "pathetically needy"

    Which it is. Anyone with an ounce of self-confidence would have ignored this post.

    This is all part of the 'white trash' syndrome of White Nordics.

    White Nordics would rather rip their own people instead of going after the heart of the problem.

    Hey are you white? And you're ripping on fellow whites? Sounds kinda trashy to me.

    "I hate liberal women" (even though genetically they are your own)
    "I hate white trash" (even though genetically they are your own)

    Since liberal whites hate whites, and refuse to defend whites, and don't think whites are worth preserving, and would rather die than unite with "trashy" white conservatives, why should we want them to breed and succeed? They don't think they are "us" and therefore it is pointless and abject for us to seek their solidarity.

    We should all want Juliet to have a child, because her child most likely would be one of us.

    There is no reason to believe that. There is much more reason to think conservatives will have liberal children than there is to think liberals will have conservative children.

    Liberals want to commit suicide. Let 'em. We can't stop 'em anyway.

  34. No woman in the position Juliet is in right now.

    Wants to be criticized by men.

    You guys have to temper your comments accordingly based upon that simple biological

    Bzzzt, wrong. Women are not exempt from hearing the truth just because they are women.

    And if she doesn't want to hear the truth, she shouldn't come here and spout off.

  35. Another liberal moron for whom the political is personal.
    Attack her political beliefs, and suddenly its an assault on the personal holy temple of me.

  36. That's what I like about the Lefty's. They saw away at the branch their sitting on and complain when they fall.

  37. DHMIAG

    You know... how women will lash out at someone physically or verbally, and when that person retaliates they play...

    Don't hit me, I'm a girl!

  38. Now that we have an acronym for it, we notice it everywhere. Isn't it weird how that happens?

  39. An exercise in cruelty would be to imagine this person raising a child; or the final result, for that matter: a child after having been raised by her. This woman should not be a mother.

  40. "This is why the left wins. The left is the siren song of claps, applause, encouragement. All the while knowing that the end result is despair."

    Not sure what they're winning that matters in the long run, but agreed. Conservatives go straight to despair and work their way up. Work before pleasure, etc.

  41. According to her own extremely personally revealing blog entries, she was an extreme social outcast when she was young. The Tea Party, and this blog, presumably remind her of the extreme cruelty she was subjected to by the normal/conservative kids and adults she grew up with. Her family was a dysfunctional disaster. What we might consider as the freak show of NY entertainer community offered her the only acceptance and community she knew. She was torn to shreds by her divorce, from a man who decided he was homosexual. All in all, I would say she deserves our compassion.

  42. We have slutwalks and now women who bare their breast out in public as a form of protest and you expect compassion? These women such as Jeske are doing everything in their power to ensure they end up being nothing more than pumped and dumped.

    You cannot have compassion for people such as Jeske who spread discord and chaos such as she does through her own words. You cannot have compassion for women such as Jeske who believe in one thing yet promote another. It's called hypocrisy. Jeske is 38 and an adult. For her not to realize that wanting a traditional family yet pushing the anti-male, anti-family, and anti-father agenda of the left will neither get her that family but tear her apart in the end is childish. And what we just witnessed from her own remarks is proof positive of that she is indeed coming unhinged.

  43. ""You cannot have compassion for people such as Jeske who spread discord and chaos such as she does through her own words.""

    True, a l;eft wing woman over 30 needs to wake up. If she does not then it is hardly anyone elses fault.

  44. Jesse wrote,

    "Keep in mind the next time a liberal/lefty quasi official tries to tell you that the obvious isn't so, and that you have to totally change your thinking to conform with a bizarre ideal, remember that they're there “to help".

    Lol, nice one.

    There was a stealth argument advanced in that linked article that "the Left does comedy better than the Right" because the Left bases its jokes on the truth.

    It's a good question, and I'd be interested in hearing a reply to that argument. But for now, allow me to compliment you, Jesse, on providing them with an exception to their, er, stereotype.

  45. "The Left does comedy better than the Right because the Left bases its jokes on the truth."

    Obviously no one here has seen the 'vagina monologues'.

    Though I've heard Stalin was a funny guy....

  46. does anyone know of a blog or something that collects all these sob stories by women, i just can not ever get enough of this.

    juliet jeske, if you're still reading: lol@u

  47. Bartholomew,

    A lot of good comedy these days comes from the right. Even if the people who voice the argument aren't really right wing, nonetheless the arguments are and are used to point out the ludicrousness and disconnect of the left. A good example is South Partk, where for instance Cartman sings that "There are too many minorities in my waterpark ... I'd call the authorities, but even the authorities are minorities". Arguments/jokes like these would never have been made not that long ago and its now edgy and popular to do right wing humor.

  48. The author of this blog took my blog out of context and re-posted it. Not exactly ethical of him, but whatever. If you disagree with my arguments then disagree with my arguments. But taking personal attacks on me is just pathetic.

    If you want to get your ideas out there and to a larger audience then blog about them. Have real courage and put your name on your posts. Posting as Anonymous or an alias while making potshots at a person you don't know is just sad. My blog is my full name, I have the guts to put myself out there. And the majority of the feedback I have gotten has been positive.

    If you want to win converts to your cause, this is not a very effective way of doing it. In fact you are just giving me more publicity and before this I was a total unknown. Thanks, but seriously write your own blogs, get your message out there and put you real name on it. That would show real conviction and passion for your point of view.

    Nothing going to stop me from writing. And people read my work, it was hardly a left wing conspiracy that drove thousands to read it, tweet it and spread it all over the world. You could do the same, no one reads the comments section. You are just screaming to yourself for the most part.

  49. Jesse,

    Yup. A NZ comedy series called Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby springs to mind. I've no idea if the creators think of themselves as right wing or not, but the comedy was definitely a critique of the left.

  50. I'm not sure if it's the real Juliet Jeske posting comments here.

    If it is I'd encourage her to engage with the main argument. Is it really right to complain about sexual mores if you belong to a political movement which has brought about those mores? In other words, is there a disconnect between the political affiliation and the real life values?

    And what creates a culture in which men and women put the values of a stable family life ahead of maximising promiscuous sex? What kinds of attitudes from women encourage that kind of culture?

  51. It's hard to tell if Jeske is a nutcase or just failing in a pitiful attempt to be funny. You don't just wake up after years of marriage to find out your spouse is gay. Bisexual maybe - not gay. By definition gay means does not have sex with the opposite sex. She throws the gay label at her ex to deflect blame for failed marriage. Given her personality, it's likely that the blame should be laid squarely on her shoulders. Pathetic, whiney, loser who most definitely shouldn't unleash offspring on this planet - it has enough rejects already.

  52. Silly boner shrinking Feminazi.... Didn't you know ED was the most common side effect when a bisexual marries a boner shrinking Feminazi? There's no need to concern yourself about "wife shoppers" or other things like makeup and your outward appearance. The sheer uglyness that is you on the inside will always come through. You are a perfect example of natural selection and evolution. Boner shrinker Feminazis were never meant to procreate. Think adoption. Or better yet, spare the poor child who might otherwise have to grow up listening to a princess' constant whining and complaining.

  53. The stats for ANY female to marry or re-marry past 30 years of age and have a successful child bearing marriage must be extremely low. However add a conventional "hate males and traditions" NYC leftist and the probably is approaching zero. No-one would have to actually date Juliet as any prospective husband can find everything about her via her video 'Voting for Vaginas' + all her darkest secrets from her 'personal' blog. She is really a pretty sad example of western culture.

  54. Hey

    My name is Jill and I'm Juliet's big sister in St. Louis, Missouri.
    I've read my sister's blog and I've read everyone's comments.

    Let me just add this, my sister didn't leave her husband. After nearly a decade together, he confessed that he was/is a homosexual man.

    My sister's story isn't a story about militant feminism run amok or a story about liberal politics, it's a story about loving a man with a secret.

    Knowing this fact, I'm not sure what your (collective) advice would be for my sister. I doubt it would include the directive for her to stay in such a relationship. Sometimes relationships no matter how hard you try...just don't work out the way you hoped they would. No one has to be a "negative example".
    What exactly is this web site looking to achieve anyway?
    If you're trying to spread conversative values,...marshal your facts first, share your views but never forget your compassion.
    As for the man who approached the woman at the bar and was greeted with a "F*** off, bitch!"...maybe you need to rethink the types of bars you go into.

  55. People should know that Juliet is not very bright. Juliet often misinterprets people's comments and then flies off the handle at them. Criticism of Juliet and her, "Work" should be limited to stick figure drawings so she can understand it.

  56. She sent me the following message on Facebook after I posted something on her page:

    So this is an alternate profile for me.

    I really don't remember you from high school, never did in fact. Sorry but I went to two different colleges so it wiped out a lot of my high school memories.

    All of your comments were extremely judgmental and yet you say your not judgmental. I know I pursued my dreams and have had many disappointments as well as successes in my life. Do I live a lifestyle that you think is immature? Perhaps but I pay my bills and don't have tens of thousands of dollars in debt, if I went back to school the debt situation would change. That is why I haven't done it yet. I also never drink or do any drugs, not exactly irresponsible on my part.

    As far as getting a "real" job you have NO IDEA how much I have tried to do that, I spent months training and interviewing and things are really that dire, the job market is horrible. I am sure you know other people out of work, it is not easy out there. At the moment I am hoping the book pays off and I have spent morning, noon and night working on it.

    And you are fortunate enough to have been in a 18 year relationship but you will criticize me for having the nerve to jokingly complain about having a hard time dating as a 38 year old female in a city that is notoriously difficult to date in. That is sort of like having a pantry full of food and laughing at a starving person. You may not see it that way, but it is how it comes across. You couldn't possibly understand my situation since you haven't gone through it.

    I also blog and you might not care at all about my writing but I have gotten feedback from people from around the world, so that is what I am pursuing at this point in my life.

    It comes down to this, I haven't made a habit of posting on your wall or your life and I have every right to delete an insensitive remark such as "you don't need a man to make you happy" and this is said from a man who has had someone in his life for nearly 20 years. You just have no idea what it could be like to have that suddenly end, how could you?

    You should instead think about how lucky you are that you haven't had a major betrayal in your life. Funny how lately some of the venom I have gotten is from gay men, as if somehow I am being homophobic because my gay husband completely screwed me over. If our culture was more accepting of homosexuality then this never would have happened to me in the first place.

    I pay my bills and I take care of myself and in one of the most expensive cities in the country. I might do this all by the seat of my pants, and without a traditional job but I am somehow surviving. I am also writing a book and have a literary agent and if you think that is easy...please! Some people spend their entire lives trying to make that happen. I hosting a show this weekend for about 400 people in New York city, maybe that is why you are so nasty towards me. I have also performed Off Broadway and toured the country twice not to mention my media appearances. You would probably love me if I lived in Saint Louis and was an account executive an insurance company with my two weeks vacation and a 401K plan.

  57. Narcissist or just plain crazy?