Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How others live

There was a gangland war in Melbourne from 1998 to 2010 which ended when there were hardly any crims left standing. Of the 36 deaths, 10 are believed to have been ordered by Carl Williams.

Williams's widow Roberta has been giving evidence about the murder of her husband. Here is what she had to say:

Roberta Williams told the Supreme Court that though he [her husband Carl] had admitted several murders, and had once shot at her while she was pregnant, her former husband was a placid man.

...She also said that while she had never seen Williams with a pistol, he shot at her at Christmas in 2000 because she found him at a girlfriend's house.

Roberta then married him.

I'm not writing this to make a political point. I'm just astonished at how differently some people live.


  1. I am posting this from California. Your web site has plenty of fans here in California, and you provide quite a window in to traditionalism in Australia.

    What I know of the Crime families of Australia comes from the movie "Animal Kingdom" May I ask if that movie was accurate in its portrayal of the Australian urban underclass?

    Most of the neighborhoods of Melbourne portrayed in the movie looked just like the San Fernando Valley.

    Finally, you may be aware of the fact that a huge percentage of the white population in Glasgow is dysfunctional. A comparatively small fraction of the white population in California is dysfunctional. Where does Australia fall on this spectrum? Are Australian whites more similar to the ones in Glasgow or the ones in California? To what do you attribute this ?

  2. Anon, I haven't seen Animal Kingdom.

    I think a relatively small fraction of Australian whites are dysfunctional.

    I think that goes back to some decisions made at the time of Australian federation in the early 1900s.

    It was decided to restrict low wage immigration and to pay men a living wage.

    A good standard of living and a good opportunity to support a family was therefore made available to working class men.

    Working class suburbs reflected this prosperity - they became good places to live with nice homes, parks, public facilities etc.

    Most men wanted to pursue the "Australian dream" of work, family life and leisure time.

    For this reason I think Australian workers have been more resistant, up to now anyway, to the corrupting influence of the welfare system - we don't have as many of the multigenerational non-working families that seem to exist in the UK.

    That's the answer that occurred to me anyway. It's a good question.

  3. I'm just astonished at how differently some people live.

    My uncle works in law enforcemetn. He tells of how there are families wherein the men, occasionally women, spend time in jail every so often without batting an eye. They occupy a lower profile than this gangleader, and often work normal blue-collar jobs. Then they spend their evenings involved in stupid altercations that land them in jail from time to time. Roberta probably came from a family like that or one iwth no men present.

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  5. I do fear that these socially damaging and dysfunctional families are given all too much respect in our modern society.

  6. Roberta's example just shows that women LOVE bad boys...

  7. Play with fire and don't get surprised that you get burned.