Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Amnesty calls for homelands for all ... well for some anyway

Amnesty International has found that the Aboriginal policies of the Northern Territory and Federal Governments have "fallen below international human rights standards".

Why? It seems that the current policy is to focus on 20 or so large settlements rather than funding many smaller ones. Amnesty is worried that this will push some Aborigines off their traditional lands. An Amnesty spokeswoman, Claire Mallinson, said:

Aboriginal people live healthier and more fulfilling lives on homelands.

Funny, when it comes to everyone else we are told, endlessly, that diversity is a strength. Those who object are labelled xenophobic or worse. But here we have Amnesty telling us that diversity is not a strength at all for Aborigines and that it is "healthier and more fulfilling" for them to keep their homelands.


  1. It's classic double standard.
    Diversity is just an excuse to put those inferior ones on top of the system. It's never about equality. So of course they wouldn't be happy to use diversity to impose on inferior majority communities.

    To some extent I take it as they are treating them like endangered species. They just want to use every resources to feed them and preserve them, out of their excessive compassion. It doesn't make any rational sense at all.

  2. White skin evil, black skin good.

    Serious, it is that simple.

    The left believes that the nature of humanity is equality.

    So when they look at history they have to explain why some cultures did well [North Asian] some cultures stagnated [sub-saharan africa] and others took over the world [Europeans].

    The Marxist analysis says that this can only have happened because one "oppressed" the other. So the higher you rise, the more of an "Oppressor" you are.

    Since Europeans conquered nearly all the world and invented the modern age through the brillance of our cultures we are the greatest evil on earth.

    In short lefties hate winners because they remind them that humanity is not equal.

  3. "Diversity is just an excuse to put those inferior ones on top of the system."

    It's an excuse to put white liberal females like Claire Mallinson on top of the system. She, and not any elected official, is going to decide what government policy should be, and how much taxpayer money should be spent on the wretched, useless Abos.

  4. Anon,

    I only deal with Aborigines down here in Melbourne. I wouldn't describe them as useless or wretched. There's big issues with family dysfunction - very few father/mother families. If I were an Aboriginal leader that's what I'd focus on first.

  5. After reading things like this article, I think "useless and wretched" are right on the mark.

    Of course, whitey is damned no matter what he does. In the article you cited, whitey is condemned as a racist pig for concentrating the Abos off their tribal lands. In the article I just cited, whitey is condemned as a racist pig for leaving the Abos on their tribal lands. No matter what the policy, whitey is a racist pig!

  6. Go to western QLD.

    40 years ago the blackfellas up there were the hardest working blokes anyone would ever meet. Skilled riders and stockmen and great in the scrub during muster.

    Sometimes they even got cheated out of their wages as well. They still worked damn hard because each man had a family to feed plus the traditional sharing arrangements with extended relatives.

    Then came the welfare...

    I have met about a dozen people who claim aboriginal descent in northern Melbourne, most of them look like me with a deep tan at the darkest.

    When people are scrambling to claim ethnic affiliation with a group regardless of how tenous the claim, i think it is safe to say that group is not the subject of widespread persecution or "oppression".

  7. What about European Australians? Are they entitled to preserve the nation their ancestors founded and built? Or must they be displaced demographically from their traditional communities by massive Third World immigration all in the name of 'diversity'?

  8. A while back I heard an item on CBC radio about the coming oil boom in Greenland. The Prime Minister of that country was quoted as saying he was worried that the immigration it might bring in its wake would make the Inuit people a minority in their own land. There was no followup comment to suggest that this was somehow xenophobic, racist, etc., and no correction to tell the PM that diversity for Greenland would actually be its strength. I think we can all guess why.

  9. Sometimes I truly dislike international organizations such as Amnesty International, the UN, secular skeptical organizations and others.

  10. When they tried this approach in south Africa, the whole world condemned it! But when it comes to Palestine and the abbos, suddenly they need their own homelands, and "the land belongs to them"!

    Where is the land that belongs to my forefathers?