Friday, March 03, 2017

Left finds normal things toxic

You might have heard of "toxic" masculinity. Now it seems that whiteness is also toxic, so much so that you can pay feminists $100 to be purged of it:

What will come next? Toxic heterosexuality? Toxic fatherhood? Toxic motherhood? Toxic beauty? Toxic goodness?


  1. Can I sign up to be healed from toxic feminism?

  2. Its whoever they hate and envy that is 'toxic'.

    Their morals are pure poison. Whenever I see this guy I don't understand how he is still not in prison.

  3. 100$ is a good bargain, would have thought they'd charges more, but does it work, that's the big question.

  4. The Leftists (especially feminists) refuse to learn from their previous blunders. Feminists waged a war on men and masculinity, and they refuse to accept their responsibility for the results.
    "Masculinity is 'toxic' "...until the feminists reach their thirties (and 'age out' of their beauty, fertility, and desirability) -- then they need 'responsible', 'masculine' men to 'man up', of course.
    Too bad that the majority of the 'responsible', 'masculine' men (that the same feminists wanted nothing to do with and hatefully drove away from them the previous twenty years) have Gone Their Own Way and will have nothing to do with them.
    "Lesson learned"? NOPE -- the feminists still refuse to acknowledge that "words and actions have consequences".

    "You can't fix stupid", so you're better off avoiding it as much as humanly possible.

    1. I think it makes more sense when you view these consequences as intentional.

  5. Just wait until they get to "Toxic Toxicity"

  6. I think we're already there, these things you mention just have not yet been labelled as such.