Sunday, October 02, 2016

Eltham protest a success

I have to congratulate the organisers of the protest against refugees being resettled in a retirement home here in Eltham, Melbourne. The rally attracted a lot of media attention. Eltham residents will now be aware that there is opposition to the plan.

As an example of the media coverage, here is the headline from the Daily Mail:

I'm not sure yet what the next step will be. There are council elections coming up, but I don't know if any candidates are willing to openly oppose the plan. I will be doing what I can to continue building up opposition (if you weren't aware there is an online petition that can be signed (Australian readers in particular might be interested in putting their name to it), with 2269 supporters to date - see here).

A European reader has informed me that it is common in places like Sweden for retirement homes to be used to house Middle-Eastern refugees. We in Eltham are facing the same problem, for instance, as the residents of the picturesque town of Kungsbacka in Halland, Sweden:
90-year-olds at a nursing home in Kungsbacka are in despair after the municipality forced them to move away. "Unethical and systematic discrimination," says the elderly professor.

And the same thing is happening in France. In the village of Bretteville-sur-Laize in Normandy, the former socialist mayor is suing townspeople for opposing plans to house Middle-Eastern refugees in a former retirement home.

My sympathies go out to these people, as we are all facing the same issue. It is a problem created by the liberal globalists who are currently in charge of the major parties. Here in Australia the Liberal Party is almost as bad as the Labor Party. It was the former Liberal leader, Tony Abbott, who is responsible for the immigration flow into Eltham, and the current Liberal Party Treasurer, Scott Morrison, is pushing for ongoing high rates of immigration into Australia:
Australia must embrace immigration, trade and foreign investment - or risk the prosperity of future generations, according to Treasurer Scott Morrison.

However, "it would be foolish for anyone to deny that there is concern about immigration in Australia," he will argue, according to an advance copy of the speech seen by Fairfax Media.

"The way to address it is not to be dismissive, but to engage on those concerns and have policies that effectively address them" - not to pull up the shutters.

"The same is true for our approach to foreign investment and trade, where our policies are delivering real economic benefits for Australians across the country. So we will continue to pursue immigration, trade and foreign investment policies that are focused on the national interest, by focusing on how Australians can participate and benefit from a growing economy, to boost wages, increase profits and raise our living standards."

It always amazes me how denatured these right-liberal men are. They see their country as nothing more than an economy. Don't worry, says Scott Morrison, if you find yourself living in a globalised society without any culture or tradition of its own - we'll try and make sure there's a dollar in it for you too, that'll keep you happy.

I so look forward to the day when the conservative grassroots breaks free of the Liberal Party and finds a home somewhere else.


  1. How many members of the 'Welcome to Eltham group' have offered lodging in their own homes to refugees?

  2. I so look forward to the day when the conservative grassroots breaks free of the Liberal Party and finds a home somewhere else.

    The sooner the better. I didn't vote for them this time and I can't see myself ever voting for them again. There are alternatives.

  3. Hi Mark, from the France story, it is stated that the retirement is "formerly" one. And in the Sweden case, that elderly residents were moved out.

    What is the case with the Eltham Aged-Care facility? The story seems to imply that the facility is operational, but with rooms empty. From what I can tell from the SVHA website, it is current operating as an Aged-Care facility.

    If the facility is operational, will residents be moved out, like the Sweden case? It would seem most odd and untenable to have refugees and residents in the same facility simultaneously. You certainly could not have Aged-Care staff providing "services" to refugees. There would be too many issues with regulations.

    I would take issue with this: "groups against the idea argue the care home should be for local residents." An aged-care facility is primarily for senior citizens who happen to be locals. Align the clientele with the facility. Downplay the "local" aspect and push the "aged" attribute. The "local" versus "refugee" can be too easily cast a racist. Whereas, "kicking elderly out of an aged-care facility" would be more likely garner sympathy to the cause.

    Slogan: an Aged-Care Home is for the Aged!

    1. Yes, some of the units are earmarked for the refugees, others for the aged. There was an article in the local paper about the issue which focused, just as you suggest, on the effects of the aged residents of the plan.

  4. It's happening here in the U.S. A small town in Georgia now has more Muslim 'refugees' than were sent to New York (a considerably larger city).
    That it should happen in Australia and the U.S. seems more than a casual coincidence.

  5. All get yr heads out of the sand and pray for Trump !
    Then watch the effect of common sense and hard line approach to immigration, start to trickle down into countries like Australia.
    Whatever you think of the USA,it leads the free world, and that's why having a muslim sympathiser at the helm has lead the free world astray - -

  6. If Trump gets in this will all change throughout the free world.
    USA leads the free world on so many issues,
    Obama is of islamic heritage and so USA has got the ineptitude and willful corruption it deserved for 8 years, unfortunately he's managed to export it everywhere else .
    Go Trump