Friday, October 14, 2016

A message to the mayor

We're having a local council election here in Eltham. I saw a poster in someone's front yard supporting the current mayor, Bronnie Hattam, who has expressed support for housing Syrian refugees in the local aged care centre. I could see that the poster had some graffiti on it, and went to have a look, and saw the following:

If you can't make out the writing, the word is "traitor." Instead of just thinking it, someone has chosen to write it as a message to the mayor.

I don't know a lot about the individual candidates for the local council, but there appears to be a pro-development group and a lefty environmentalist group - neither representing a traditionalist viewpoint. I'm not sure, in other words, that Bronnie Hattam's opponents are a better option.

An Australian current affairs show ran a major story on the Eltham aged care issue recently:


  1. And see, it's all women who welcome refugees. Feminism is cancer.

    1. Agreed. Feminism is the root cause of all the evils of the modern world. If it's not feminists behind things like this then it's the feminised emasculated men that feminism has created - and there are all too many of those girly men in our churches.

  2. Apart from the fact that it pushes out old people needing a place and we've still got homeless people already here, the big plus is that there'll be no single men there by themselves.
    That's the biggest issue facing Europe that the left is covering up in that they're housing single men in aged care facilities.
    I think if there are any issues for any of the residents or their families, Ms Brock and politicians should personally be sent the bill.
    That being said, just like Germany, I doubt we'll read a single negative thing reported in the papers about any of them.
    On the plus side, if what that woman claims is true that we're really getting high skilled people, they'll usually speak English, have respect for other cultures and provide a return on taxpayers investment.