Monday, July 18, 2016

Melbourne Traditionalists meeting

Mark Moncrieff has called a meeting of the Melbourne Traditionalists for August 1st. It's an excellent chance to meet up with likeminded people and to have face to face discussions. It contributes, as well, to taking a local movement to the next level, so I'd encourage interested and sympathetic readers to come along. For further details read here.


  1. Mr. Richardson

    Thank you for the post, I look forward to catching up.

    Mark Moncrieff
    Upon Hope Blog - A Traditional Conservative Future

  2. Hi Mark,

    What's the equivalent in Sydney? I see the SydneyTrads website but there's no mention of some kind of regular meetup, and limited activity on their website.

    Disheartened by the shift to the left of society in general and the chipping away of traditional western institutions and values - keen to get involved but not sure where to start.


    1. Hi Ross, thanks for getting in touch. There was some contact between Melbourne Trads and Sydney Trads a few years ago (they came down here for a visit). At the time, they were having meetings, though I haven't seen any advertised for a while. They had a few more academic types than we do, alongside some who had had experience in party politics. I would still get in touch with them and see what's happening, there may be informal gatherings that aren't publicly advertised. Otherwise you could provide an email address to either myself or Mark Moncrieff at his site Upon Hope and if anyone else in Sydney expresses an interest we could put you in touch.