Monday, February 01, 2016

"There's going to be so many casualties in the abolition of human nature"

Cartoon captures the liberal moment:

On the same issue, there's a Facebook post doing the rounds that is popular on the left:
Ryan Calhoun
Yesterday at 10:10 · Keuka Park, NY, United States 
I just feel bad for people who are weirded out by gender that's non-binary. Like, this is just the start, dude. Strap in. If technology keeps progressing you're in for a lot more radical alteration of people's identity than individuals telling you they don't want to be referred to as sir or ma'am. What are these m...... gonna think when we're all meshing our appearance and personality traits with computer simulations and turning into wolves, and fairies, and floating metal spheres? Masculine-presenting people showing up to work in dresses better stop freaking you the f... out soon or you might as well go live in the woods cause one day your friend Bob is going to show up mind-melding with your other friend Cathy and they'll be presenting themselves as a series of ever-morphing color patterns. You'll have to deal with that, so for now just understand that people have been non-binary for centuries and centuries, gender is fluid, and you aren't the boss of other people's identities or appearances. There are going to be so many casualties in the abolition of human nature. Don't be one of em.

One of his supporters wrote "I just feel sorry for cis people. That must be boring."

So here we have a couple of moderns who think that it's boring to be a man or a woman and who want to abolish human nature. They "feel sorry" for those of us who aren't ready to be transformed by technology into fairies or floating metal spheres.

It's that underlying difference between the modern and traditional understanding of things again. If you are a liberal modern and you don't believe that there is anything given to us as part of our objective reality that has value or meaning, then you might well look forward to abolishing human nature. You might well believe that the given categories of manhood and womanhood are "boring" and that becoming something arbitrary instead, as an expression of choice, is more interesting.

But what if our given nature connects us to something that is inherently meaningful? What if manhood gives men an identity and an aspect of their being which draws together self, the inner spiritual life, and objective sources of truth and meaning. Is that then boring? Is that something you would readily abolish? Is that something you would trade in, in order to turn yourself into a computer simulation?

We are called to be men not machines or morphing colour patterns. To Ryan Calhoun someone like myself is boring, but to me Ryan Calhoun is not so much boring as lost.

(Cartoon hat tip: here)


  1. Intelligent men understand that 'morphing colour pattern' -identities are evolutionary dead ends, and dismiss them as such. Some insects are mesmerized by near ultraviolet or ultraviolet light, so they fly into electric traps, which burns them (by the way, they lure also harmless and useful insects). To some extent in the same way modernity creates emotional and intellectual traps, which entice some people to waste their time, energy and ultimately whole life to futile purposes.

    1. That's a good way of putting it. It's like a false path, which is why I used the term "lost" in my post.

    2. There is nothing worse that can be done to the LGBT crowd than letting them do what they want to do to themselves. Their actions are inherently self-destructive.

      Conservatism kept these people in the gene pool by forcing gay men to marry women and have children. Now they can be childless and chase the HIV bug and everybody is tolerant to that.

      They morphing color patterns people can all play in their imaginary worlds and swallow the digital opium, but sane people will keep out of this.

  2. Perhaps, when these fools are all in the throes of computer simulating, there might be a big power cut...

  3. Only a small proportion of transsexuals actually want to be androgynous, "gender-fluid" people, nearly all say they want to be clearly male or female in appearance.

    There's also increasing evidence that transsexuals have unusual brain laterisation. One study for example found that over 50 percent of male to female transsexuals were left handed (only 10 percent of the general population is left-handed). Unusual brain laterisation is a feature of a number of atypical development issues including dyslexia and extreme impulsivity and hyperactivity that extends beyond early childhood.

    Hence transgenerists are both different from the majority of people in brain development terms, and the same as the majority in terms of desiring to be clearly feminine or masculine in appearance and behaviour.

    The liberal dream of gender fluidity is therefore at odds with human nature, with transsexuals being the exception that proves the rule.

  4. Horrifying! However, I do find some consolation in the fact that the demonic revolutionaries appear to becoming more self-aware. Question: will the Left's giving up what L.A. called unprincipled exceptions be beneficial (for civilization's survival)? They'll be scarier in what they do, but their naked wickedness might wake folks on the sidelines (who likely make up the majority).

    1. I agree with you on this. The further that liberalism is pushed to its logical conclusions, the more likely it is that people will hesitate to follow. I get the impression that there are already parallel cultures starting to emerge. The process hasn't quite gone far enough yet to open up big opportunities.