Monday, December 07, 2015

Le Choc! FN triumph in French elections

Good to be able to report some positive developments. On Sunday the French went to the polls to elect their regional governments. The National Front, led by Marine Le Pen, is the one major party campaigning against open borders. It made large gains, being voted in first place in six of the thirteen regions. Two of the FN candidates scored over 40% of the vote. The FN candidates will still have to battle it out in the second round of voting - for more on the situation on France please visit Gallia Watch.


  1. The Front National gained 28% of the vote nationally. That's a catastrophically poor result. They will be lucky to gain control of a single region. Marine le Pen's chances of winning the presidential election are approximately zero. To have any chance at all she'd need to get at least 40% in the first round.

    Sadly this election may well be the end of the line for the FN.

    1. Well, they are not poised right now for national government. But two candidates polled over 40% of the primary vote and the FN received the largest percent of votes of any party. Their two best candidates are only a few percent below what is needed to win outright in the second round. It's a step forward.

    2. The FN's only realistic chance is to forge an alliance with one of the other parties. Their best chance would be an alliance with the Socialists. That might seem unlikely but the FN is after all a party of the Left.

      The danger of course is that they might try to do this by embracing the phony leftism that is prevalent today - all the identity politics nonsense like feminism that has infested the modern Left. The smart move would be to reject all that and reinvent themselves as a genuine populist leftist party - embracing old-fashioned economic justice rather than Social Justice. Positioning themselves as a party that actually offers something to ordinary people. That way they could sell their anti-immigration message as part of a populist left package. The big advantage is that they could sell themselves as an alternative leftist party.

    3. You cannot forge a useful alliance with people who call you racist.

  2. At least it's a lot of positive publicity for the FN. It must be useful in building the infrastructure of the party too.