Sunday, December 20, 2015

De Mella

This is an important part of the traditionalist response to liberal modernity (hat tip: Traditional Britain Group):

Liberals imagine that they are liberating individuals by making them self-defining. But this diminishes the individual by removing important parts of our identity, our belonging, and our sense of connection to people and place; to culture and heritage; and to a continuity between the generations.

The individual comes into his own when he is richly encultured, not when he is stripped down and abstracted to allow for self-definition


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  2. The self-defined individual is an isolated one, wholly at the mercy of the State.

  3. The aim of liberalism is to reduce the human to the level of the animal. An animal knows not its history or ancestry. It acts upon impulse. Likewise humans stripped of identity and tradition become impulsive, unreflective and easily manipulated animals. The goal of liberalism is to create a human slave race, debased and dehumanised.

    The Gospel details the family ancestry of Jesus showing him to be a direct descendent of the House of David, as were both Mary and Joseph. Thus the authenticity and authority of Jesus is demonstrated. Similarly humans should know their ancestry and have clear lines of descent. The preservation and continuation of family boodlines is God's wish for human society. The collapse of bloodlines means the collapse of human identity and society itself.