Sunday, March 23, 2014

Can we not have intergenerational loyalty?

An item from the American VDARE website interested me. It concerns opposition to an affirmative action scheme in California. These schemes are designed to favour students from ethnic minorities (e.g. blacks, Hispanics) when it comes to university admissions. The proposal to operate such a scheme hit a stumbling block when Asian-American Democratic representatives moved against it.
Over the last several weeks, the three senators who have had second thoughts about the referendum -- Leland Yee, D-San Francisco; Ted Lieu, D-Torrance; and Carol Liu, D- La Cañada/Flintridge -- said they have received thousands of calls and emails from fearful constituents who believe that any move to favor other ethnic groups could hurt Asian-Americans, who attend many of the state's best schools in large numbers. A petition to kill the referendum now has more than 100,000 signatures, and email listservs for Chinese-American parents have been flooded with angry posts

Three days ago, the senators sent a formal letter to Assembly Speaker John Perez urging him to stop the bill from advancing any further. "As lifelong advocates for the Asian American and other communities, we would never support a policy that we believed would negatively impact our children," the letter states.

Remember, these are left-wing Democrat politicians, who might normally be expected to support affirmative action schemes. They are refusing, though, to act against the interests of their own children.

Compare this to white American politicians. Would they enact legislation that harmed the prospects of white children? Yes, they have and they would.

There are two angles to this issue. On the one hand, the Asian politicians are clearly more virtuous in having a stronger sense of fidelity to their own children and community. Parents are not supposed to abandon their own children; this relationship is a primary one, based on intergenerational loyalty and support. If it dissolves, then it can't be expected that much will remain of our sense of duty and service to others.

It is currently a major corruption within white culture that the sense of fidelity from one generation to the next is so thin. White parents are relatively good at working hard and responsibly to give their own children a decent upbringing; the failure comes at a public level - that is where the interests of young white people are abandoned.

This is true at various levels, such as the failure to uphold distinctively white communities or a culture of relationships, marriage and family. I'm starting to see it even in a lack of concern for the economic conditions young white people are experiencing. I know young people who are being left with massive student debt (partly because they are forced now to complete their studies to an MA standard), who then have to find work in a highly competitive job market and who are then priced out of the housing market (out of control here in Melbourne). There doesn't seem to be much sympathy for them from older generations who, in general, had an easier launch into adult life.

And the second angle from which to see this issue? Supposedly, Asian culture can be too limited to fidelity at the level of family - something which fosters an attitude of nepotism. It's a good thing about Western culture that there developed a sense of public service as well - service to the larger community and not just to one's family.

To fix things up we need to hold onto our strength (a commitment to public service) but overcome our weakness (a lack of fidelity at a public level to our children and community). Read again the words of the three Asian-American Democrats: "We would never support a policy that we believed would negatively impact our children." That should also exist in the conscience of our own representatives.


  1. "White parents are relatively good at working hard and responsibly to give their own children a decent upbringing; the failure comes at a public level - that is where the interests of young white people are abandoned."

    It is true that the primary failure is at the public level.

    It is not true that white parents are relatively good at working hard and responsibly to give their children a decent upbringing. "Relatively" in this case would be relative to Asians. White kids do badly in competition with Asians not only through public policies favored by their parents that disfavor the next generation of whites, and not only through superior Asian genes, but also because white parents don't provide anything like the support that Asian parents do.

    Asian kids are supported to excel academically like astronauts are supported to achieve their missions; their parents do everything for them so they can be totally focused, and they are, so they succeed and they out-perform whites.

    White parents do nothing like that, and think their kids should just keep up "somehow". They can't, and so they don't. The oldies then look down on the kids as under-achievers, and praise those wonderful Asians who are "our" future.

    Of course many of these white kids are coming from broken homes, which are a very bad start for study and every other kind of achievement in life. Again, the real issue is parents "doing what's right for me" at the expense of the next generation. And again, to be "relatively good" at providing a decent home, white parents should be better than Asians at refraining from divorce. In fact they are worse.

    "...the Asian politicians are clearly more virtuous in having a stronger sense of fidelity to their own children and community."

    Yes they are. And the Asian parents are superior too.

    The older generation has betrayed young whites comprehensively.

    1. Titus, some good points. Let me modify the point I was making: middle-class white parents do still often work very hard to send their children to good schools, whilst at the same time supporting policies that increasingly narrow the life chances available for their children.

    2. OK, that's correct, though clearly not good enough to allow young whites to thrive in competition with the superior rivals that the older generations deliberately import.

      "Can we not have intergenerational loyalty?"

      We will have it, or our generations will end.

    3. Working hard to send children to good schools is not enough. The best of schools cannot compensate for dysfunctional families and this is the main challenge facing the Anglo Saxon family and its underachieving offspring. This is not just a feature of broken homes and divorce.Many of the married families are dysfunctional. They lack the inter generational solidarity, focus, sense of duty and cultural identity essential for self preservation. Abrogation of responsibility to a school is not going to resolve this.

      Despite this, however, nepotism is alive and well within the elites every bit as much as it is in Asia or any other part of the world.

  2. Excellent link. However, we ought not to give credit to the Democrats for acting ethically, because this is about numbers. Specifically, there are roughly 50% more Asians in California than there are blacks, and if the Democrats want to keep their monopoly on state-wide office they can't afford to alienate them.

    Also, I'm not inclined to give any positive strokes to the Asian community. Consider this bit:

    "In 1996, 61 percent of Asian Americans voted against the affirmative action ban and most Asian-American groups and associations opposed it as well, said Karthick Ramakrishnan, a political science professor at UC Riverside who directs the National Asian American Survey."

    It's about time the Asians got their collective heads out of their butts. First, the liberals have long been lumping stats for Asians together with those for Whites so they could steer preference-based entitlements toward Blacks and Hispanics. Second, the Asians are -- together with other productive members of society -- being looted to help the Democrats purchase votes from a protected political underclass.

    So, any crack in the Democratic Party's bought-and-paid-for coalition is welcome. But there's a long way to go; Black leaders are still cowering in fear instead of standing up for the economic future of their people by challenging the Democrats' importation of millions of Hispanic illegals.

  3. When your a minority you tend to circle the wagons, but when your a majority you tend to fracture and eat each other. Individual white people see selling out to PC as the best way to advance person interests, and by proxy to help their children in any possible future world by protecting their personal interests.

  4. Intelligence of Whites have likely declined in the past 150 years one standard deviation because of differential reproduction rates in welfare state and lack of combing out of deleterious mutations by high infant mortality. Whites have thus lost their intellectual advantage compared to Asians, and Asians can lost it too, and relatively fast:

    Whites should use all possible means to increase their intelligence.