Friday, January 24, 2014

Some news from France

French politics has been of considerable interest of late. Here are just a few of the stories coming out of that country.

The first involves a court ruling:
A man was sentenced this week to four years behind bars for an "anti-white racist" attack on a Frenchman on the platform of a Paris train station. The convicted man was also white. An appeals court affirmed that the attack at Gare du Nord station in September 2010 was aggravated by racism, overruling an earlier court ruling

What happened was that a native Frenchman was standing on a platform and was approached by two men who asked him for a cigarette. When he turned them down, they called him a "dirty white" and a "dirty Frenchman" before attacking him and seriously injuring him with broken bottles.

One of the men was later arrested; he is (in terms of family descent) an Algerian Berber Muslim (the Berbers were the native population of North Africa before the influx of Arabs).

The ruling is significant because there are some on the left who argue that whites should be treated as exceptional - in a negative way - because "whiteness" is a category that was socially constructed to set up a racial power structure and to give whites an unearned privilege over others.

This leftist theory has many consequences. First, it assumes that whites are privileged and in control, rather than being in a precarious position in terms of having a future existence. Second, it assumes that when whites do well it is because of the unearned privilege they enjoy as whites at the expense of others (with subsequent feelings of guilt); whereas when others do well it is because of hard work and talent. Third, the political conclusion to be drawn from the leftist theory is that whiteness itself needs to be deconstructed before there can be a future reign of human equality and justice.

So the ruling itself is positive in that it recognises officially that there can be an anti-white racism. The left has failed to hold the line ideologically in this instance.

It shows again that we shouldn't assume that the political landscape will always remain as difficult as it is today. Sometimes reality can't be suppressed: in this case, the judges were not able to deny that an Algerian calling a Frenchman a "dirty white" before attacking him with a broken bottle was an act of racial violence.

Another story from France is the continuing success of the leading nationalist party there, the National Front. In a local election the NF is now polling at 46%. It's still not quite enough, but they are getting very close now to a majority position in some areas of France. It would be very difficult for the liberal establishment to place the same pressure on people in communities where 46% of the population vote for a nationalist party.

Watch out too for the demonstration to be held in France on January 26th. If the forecast rain isn't too bad, it may turn out to be a large mobilisation against the socialist government there.


  1. The idea that all white people oppress non-white people, or are more privileged than non-white people, is ludicrous.

    A middle class non-white person who earns a good wage may in fact be much more privileged than a lower class white person who earns little or even nothing at all.

    Another privilege that non-whites enjoy relative to whites is that the long-term existence of their racial group is usually not in jeopardy, unlike whites.

    Another privilege that non-whites enjoy relative to whites is that they are portrayed as oppressed whilst whites are portrayed as oppressors and as such are treated with more respect than whites, and this is even enshrined in law in some jurisdictions, regardless of what the truth may actually be.

    Another privilege that non-white men enjoy relative to white men is that the mass media in the West often portrays them as attractive to white women, whereas white men are portrayed as unattractive.

    I could go on and on, but there is ample evidence of a left-wing anti-white agenda. Of course, race has a biological basis and is not something that is socially constructed in order to exclude outsiders so that they can be oppressed or exploited. This vicious lie basically insinuates that the mere existence of European and European-derived ethnicities is in itself evil, oppressive and racist.

    1. I believe that a long-term future for white people is something of great importance, and that it doesn't make you a monster to desire such a future. Nor does it have to mean you hate anyone who isn't white, either.

      Certainly, I wouldn't want to associate with Hitler-worshipping freaks. Those who are concerned about the white race have a real image problem. Pro-white activists are seen as Nazis, fascists, skinheads, thugs, losers and weirdos.

      The left-wing media attacks anything that is even remotely right-wing. A certain British political party known as UKIP which has some right-wing tendencies, but is in no way extreme, has come under relentless assault in the UK media recently. It seems like left-wing journalists want to dig up all the dirt about UKIP that they can find, all the smears and every little bit of negative information, just as they did a few years earlier when the BNP was riding a wave of relative success.

      The anti-fascist crowd is even more vicious towards anything right-wing than the left-wing media, often being motivated by extreme left Marxist or anarchist politics.

    2. Anon, you're right that it's important to move the "non-liberal right" away from the fringe groups you list. But that's been gradually happening for a while now. Our own traditionalist network here in Melbourne is made up of suburban dads. We need to grow a bit before we have a real impact, but it does show the potential for what might happen.

    3. Mark Richardson: "Our own traditionalist network here in Melbourne is made up of suburban dads."

      White and normal is good.

      I think some people on the right are envious of the acting out theatricality that has been working for the left continually since the 1960s, but...

      (a) that only works if you have a "base" that's comfortable with that and wants to outrage the "straights" (and maybe their kids too), and

      (b) that stuff only works if you have mass media favoritism and preferably big money in the background backing you up.

      Despite all its complaints the left really owns the mass media, it has big money backing it up (including government money), it has "secure bases" in jobs where to be leftist may tacitly be part of your role and you certainly won't be fired for getting too showy about your political and cultural causes, and despite wails that people act out because they are oppressed, a look at any gay parade will tell you that lots of them act out because they want to act out, and the politics are a bonus.

      None of that is us. For us, Frank Zappa's advice is best: "you are who you is, and that's all it is."

      It might even work to our advantage in the long run. I suspect people are getting tired of being told they have to identify with every out-there deliberately freakish transgressive person on the airwaves, people who intentionally make themselves hard to relate to, as some kind of moral one-upmanship. It gets old.

  2. Satirical video on White Privilege:

  3. People who earn, build and achieve with whatever talents and abilites they develop are not privileged-- they have every right to what they have.

    Only the envious and exploitive want to take it.

    "Privilege' just like 'equality' is just a codeword for envy and hatred